Top 5 American WWII Weapons

It’s no secret that technology and weaponry have made huge advances in the past 30 years.  Let’s take a look back at some of the best American WWII Weapons that led to many of the modern weapons that the US uses today.

WWII Weapons American Soldiers Used

The weapons used by the American troops that served in WWII were instrumental in bringing peace and freedom to the US and hundreds of other countries in the world. Below is a list we’ve put together of the top five WWII Weapons used during the war by American soldiers:


  1. M1A1 Bazooka/Rocket Launcher

The list has to begin with one of the original bazookas most commonly used by US troops during WWII. The M1A1 bazooka accounted for destroying multiple German tanks.

When the M1A1 was first introduced, it had far more reliable ammunition firing than the previous M1 and was particularly effective against pillboxes and concrete bunkers. However, due to extremely high casualty rates, the bazooka fire team was not a coveted spot during the war. The team often had to expose their bodies in order to obtain a clear field of fire against any armored targets.

 2.  M3 Submachine Gun

This machine gun is more commonly referred to as the “Grease Gun” or even “the Greaser” because it looks very similar to a greaser tool that a mechanic would use. This gun has been used in countless WWII movies and documentaries, including Band of Brothers, The Dirty Dozen, and Inglorious Bastards.

The gun was a replacement for the M1 Thompson sub machine guns and provided a lighter and more accurate weapon. This was one of the more popular ww2 American machine guns.

 3.  M1 Carbine Rifle

This rifle was one of the most commonly used American weapons during WWII and was a part of the standard issue to the American troops. Because of how lightweight and easy it was to use, the M1 carbine was used by the US in the Korean and Vietnam wars as well.

Many troops who were unable to use a full-size rifle as their primary weapon effectively used the M1 Carbine. The M1 carbine was the first carbine rifle to be developed under the naming system the US started in 1925. That naming system is still used today.

 4.  Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)

The Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was also a part of the standard issue and was the sole automatic fire support for an eight-man squad. The BAR was difficult to master since it had a strong recoil spring and an open bolt, but all men in the squad were trained on how to operate and fire the weapon at a very basic level in the event that the designated operators were unable to fire.

The BAR was most commonly fired from a bipod but also had the capability to be packed on the shoulder of a troop and fired on the move.

5.  M2-2 Flame Thrower

The portable M2-2 Flamethrower was commonly used during WWII, but was quickly phased out with the technological advances of tanks and their firepower. The M2-2 Flamethrower had a reach of approximately 20 meters and a burn time of approximately 7 seconds. The WWII flamethrower models featured hourglass frames and hexagonal gas caps.

The weapons developed during the WWII period helped protect the lives of those who used them and lives of those they were fighting for.

Since WWII, US military weapons have seen incredible advancements, but many of the weapons used today can trace their beginnings back to these top-of-the line historic weapons. Because of an intense focus on creating the most cutting-edge tech, WWII caused a bigger jump into future weaponry than any war before it.

At Low VA Rates, we have nothing but the utmost respect for the men and women of the US military and the advancements they’ve made in protecting the freedoms we enjoy every day. In fact, we make it our business to give them the VA home benefits they deserve.

To learn more about military weapons and Low VA Rates, visit other articles on our blog. And if there are any other American WW2 Weapons that you think should be added to this list, please comment below!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 American WWII Weapons

  1. I think fat man and little boy, our nuclear bombs are higher up the list at number 1. the bar was a wwI weapon

  2. The greatest weapon, in my opinion, used in WW II was the .30 Calibre, M-1 Garand Rifle. General Patton stated that it was the single finest infantry weapon of the war. The mechanism or action is still used in some modern weapons.

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