Client Testimonials

"Barbara and I greatly appreciate everything you have done for us in the refinance of our new home...We couldn't have found a better financial officer like you. You couldn't believe how many financial institutions reached out to me after I carefully looked at every option. Yes, you were the right person for our needs, and even though, I have given you a 5* rating, I don't mind giving you another 5*++ rating. Barbara and I wish you all the best in the world, and again to thank you for all the help you are giving to our's a blessing to have people like you dedicated to the work you are doing for us. I have been in-and-out the VA Medical Center for the last 50 years, and I will certainly spread to my fellow Veterans needing your expertise. "

Jose & Barbara M.

"Good morning Dan, I want to thank you and all the incredible staff that were involved in our new loan. We have already bought new carpet, hardwood and ceramic tile for our home. We also have bought quartz countertops for our kitchen and 2 of our bathrooms. In the spring we will be putting new windows throughout the house. Additionally, we bought all new appliances. Can we say a new house or what? We are not looking to refinance until spring or early summer next year. We will be in touch then unless you need something from us. Again, thank you, Dan, you are the best!!"

Wayne & Nadine K.

"Jacob Clark Rocks!! I have owned my home since 2004 and I've done business with Low VA Rates before. However, I must say the customer service, professionalism, and my overall experience this time was an absolute 10!! This is wholly due to my loan officer Jacob Clark. He consistently went above and beyond through email and telephone correspondence, to make sure I understood the process and where we were in the process and why. He really gave me a lot of confidence in your company and in your products. Even when there was a snag (like getting my appraisal done in a timely manner), he stayed on top of it and insured I was aware of what was going on. His care, commitment, and professionalism caused me to recommend approximately 12-15 other family members and friends, telling them all to ask for him by name! He was even able to help get my brother (a soldier) closed with one of your great products! Both my brother and I are very happy about that. Thanks again, Jacob!! I will continue to send family and friends to you and Low VA Rates!"

Angela B.

"Tracy was extremely efficient and quick to respond whenever I reached out to her. I cannot stop telling my co-workers at the DoD about the great experience I received from your office."

James R.

"The best refinance experience I have ever had. Excellent service by all at Low VA Rates. Thank You, Low VA Rates."

Jon Y.

"Ryan you are the man! I appreciate everything you did for me and all the time you spent assisting me with obtaining this letter. If there is anything I can do to show my appreciation please let me know. This meant a lot to me and you are awesome. It is good to know that you go the extra mile and are a man of your word. It is rare you come across people whose word is their bond and they actually keep it. Thank you so much!!!"

Rani K.

"My wife and I would like to thank all of you who helped us with the refinance of our mortgage. All of you who were involved were a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful at every turn. I would highly recommend your company to any veteran seeking mortgage services."

Michael & Deborah G.

"We would like to say that Eric Bunch did a wonderful job with our loan refinance. He and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable and were always available to answer any questions we had! We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone should the occasion arise."

Morris & Donna W.

"We refinanced our home with lowvarates at the end of 2016. We worked primarily with Chip McNall. Chip was super helpful and a delight to work with. We very much appreciate his positive attitude and willingness to do whatever was necessary to secure our loan. Things went smoothly thanks to him. I will recommend your company to all my friends that may be in the market for a home loan. Thank you for your efforts in our behalf."

Larry B.

"Hi. My experience with Low VA Rates was an extremely smooth process...To be honest with you, Sean Horlacher, and the President of your company, I would like to say that I could not believe that I actually got another refinance loan. Not just that, But at the LOW rate that was discussed even before the process!! Now that I did not anticipate. I was just hoping to get refinanced, but not at the rate that was given. I am extremely happy. And already I have been in the process to further improve my credit score as we speak. I am at a loss for words to be given this opportunity. It does mean a lot. I am happy to inquire about an opportunity for a refinance, and I am still shocked that it was even able to go through. And to even have a lower mortgage payment and APR, it just makes that even more sweeter."

Smorye B.

"We thank you very much for making it easy to do our refinance. I hope that you will not mind too much for me to pass the word around and to give out the phone number of Low VA Rates and to give out your name as the best agent!"

Maria L.

"Oftentimes we as consumers don’t take the time to recognize folks who go the extra mile because we get inundated with work and life events etc. This experience with Brandon and Low VA Rates to me has been a shining example of how business should be conducted. As a combat veteran and father of 5, I want to really thank you and the hard-working team at Low VA Rates for making this one of the most seamless experiences I’ve ever encountered. With professionals like Brandon aboard your team - you can be assured that I will be doing business again with Low VA Rates. I will gladly recommend your team and services to all my colleagues, friends and military brethren alike. "

Derrik F.

"As I spent time with my family this Thanksgiving, I thought about you. Thank you for helping me with refinancing my VA loan. Unfortunately, many people I’ve been exposed to lately do not show the authenticity and care I’ve felt from you. Veterans need more people like you! Every bit of kindness helps. Karen, Thank you again! "

John L.

"Dan Gardner and his team at Low VA Rates did an outstanding job in handling our VA Refinance. The direction and guidance was superb, communication was key and follow up happened regularly so no one ever let the ball drop. Low VA Rates met our wants and needs from day one to the end, months later and actually exceeded our expectations. It was work, but well worth it because at the end of the day we got what we worked so hard to achieve, and a lower rate with the help of Low VA. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a home mortgage or refinance. They are a first rate group of people and company, you will not be disappointed."

Eric & Chiquita C.

"Brandon, You have saved my family, my most important asset in the world. You and the team at Low VA Rates believed in us when we didn't even believe in ourselves. You and the Underwriting Team basically produced a miracle and we will forever be indebted to you and the team. Thank you again for hanging on to is for so long and believing in us. We, as vers, appreciate businesses that look out for us- for what we have sacrificed for everyone's freedom and it means so much. We love you all like family and if any of the team is in Augusta, GA the door will always remain open. Take care and hope to keep in touch."

Mike G.

"My experience with Low VA Rates was excellent. My loan officer Ryan Taylor was very informative, he communicated with me throughout the entire process, and answered any questions that I had. He ensured that every date that was given to me for a milestone was met. He also ensured that whatever he stated to me was factual. Great company!"

Anthony C.

"I refinanced my home mortgage for a fixed rated and was very pleased with the services I received from your company. I worked with Tyler Burns who worked with me throughout the process. He explained things when necessary and gave good feedback. His patience made the process much easier and I am very grateful and appreciative of his help. Thank you Low VA Rates for making my buying experience a pleasurable one."

Tracy R.

"Overall, our experience with Low VA Rates is very positive. 5 Stars! I have experienced numerous closings, both purchases and refinancings, with the homes I have owned over the years. This was the smoothest, easiest, quickest, and most low "drama" experience of all! Phillip and the others on your team could not have been better -- available, able to respond to any and all questions, provided clear explanations. We handled everything online except for the closing which took place at our home instead of at a title company office. Very convenient! I was also able to set up the mortgage payment online. That went smoothly, too."

James H.

"My home loan went spectacularly. Michael Burns was able to work with my wife and I, even though I was in Romania and she was out of state at law school. His patience was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with. Michael made this process enjoyable and stress free. If I ever have another situation where I need to refinance or whatever, Michael will be the first person I call."

Jack M.

"Our experience was extremely positive in every aspect. The staff at Low VA has always been very helpful and answered all our concerns. As I said in my feedback response; Ryan had promised to get in touch with us after making several payments to secure a better credit rating and he was as good as his word. That in itself was a sign of integrity that is missing with many companies. As a veteran, I do appreciate all that companies like yours do for us. God Bless Low VA Mortgage!"

Ken & Bonnie R.

"Thank you so much this is all because of your hard work, patience, efficiency, and all your troubleshooting skill,and compassionate heart to help someone who is seeking for some definite financial changes in their mortgage and handling financial matters and without your dedication with your work and the desire to lend a much and unwarranted extra time even weekends calls,tx,and hundreds of emails replies and sends I am forever grateful to you and your staff!!!!I wish that our path will cross someday and maybe I can return the favor in every way I can in the same token that you have extended your precious time when I almost ready to give up and getting mad sad and upset about how other people handled my application. You are one of the jewel of your company and I can't say and thank you enough for all the hard work you put in to get my application get processed not mentioning a countless times we have been watching and waiting for all my docs to get send to you ---wow you are really on top of things and readily available and super attention to details AGAIN...I'm running out of words to describe how lucky your company have you !!! A million thanks to you!"

Raul R.

"Tracy, I want to thank you for a wonderful experience in doing all the things you have done for me to get what I was looking for in this special loan. Your hard work and guiding me through the process and a very special caring you have toward military personnel. If your company has an employee of the month or year let me know. I will send them a book on why you deserve to be the one. I have never had the opportunity to have such a caring sweet lady that really is out to make sure her clients are happy and well satisfied on their financial situations Tracy you are just like a special friend that never gives up. Thank you so much, you have made me very happy."

Ted C.

"I fully appreciate the support provided by those involved in my refinancing experience. They were very professional and efficient. I have already referred others to Lowvarates for their loan needs. Brandon and all the others were great."

Don G.

"I highly recommend Low VA Rates for home finance or refinance needs. They are a professional and dedicated team of experts in both areas and are willing to provide excellent service for home purchases or refi requirements. The process flow in my experience with them went smoothly and without obstacles which is why I speak to their expertise and professionalism. Truly a committed group of personnel, in particular, Porter Perkins, who I had the pleasure of working within my endeavor. Thanks again Porter and Low VA Rates."

Jerome O.

"Our review was 5 stars! We loved working with Low VA, Andrew and the team there! It was a great experience! Professional and caring. All questions were answered in real time and in simple, non-mortgage business people can understand. Andrew was outstanding to work with! He really shows care for his customers. I will definitely recommend Low VA to all our Veteran family and friends!"

Barbara M.

"Thank you, Lynn. I've never experienced such a smooth process. You and your staff were fantastic. You were always available to answer my questions no matter how small. THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of our hearts."

Lawrence & Barbara S.

"Ryan, Hallelujah, I completed the signing at 3:30 PM PST with Dahlia. Again, thank you and all your staff for the fantastic job, I will never forget it, and if given the opportunity, will recommend you to others with without hesitation or reservation!!!"

Bruce M.

"Adam, People and friends may think you speak in redundancy, 'cuz your probably always saying "another satisfied customer". Our encounter is not just coincidence it's Divine Intervention. I will definitely send any referrals your way. THANK YOU."

J. Martinez

"It was an honor and pleasure working with Mari Dean; very eloquent, knows her brand, timely on her response, professional, very articulate and demonstrate an unyielding passion for a customer."

Leonardo & Romira H.

"I just want to send this to express my appreciation for the fantastic work of your company, especially pointing out the professionalism, competency, and efficiency of Mari Dean. I had an amazing experience and especially appreciate her orchestrating the closing process that had to be completed with my wife in a different geographic location around 1,500 miles from me. Class act!!! This was my second refinance action with your company and I know that interest rates couldn't possibly dip any lower than they currently are, but if the opportunity did present itself again, I would eagerly work with your company. I will highly recommend you to other friends and/or family who qualify for a VA IRRL. Thanks again and have a great day."

Michael and Maria M.

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