Customer Testimonials

"Good morning Dan, I want to thank you and all the incredible staff that were involved in our new loan. We have already bought new carpet, hardwood and ceramic tile for our home. We also have bought quartz counter tops for our kitchen and 2 of our bathrooms. In the spring we will be putting new windows throughout the house. Additionally, we bought all new appliances. Can we say a new house or what? We are not looking to refinance until spring or early summer next year. We will be in touch then unless you need something from us. Again, thank you, Dan, you are the best!!"

Wayne & Nadine K.

"Jacob Clark Rocks!! I have owned my home since 2004 and I've done business with Low VA Rates before. However, I must say the customer service, professionalism, and my overall experience this time was an absolute 10!! This is wholly due to my loan officer Jacob Clark. He consistently went above and beyond through email and telephone correspondence, to make sure I understood the process and where we were in the process and why. He really gave me a lot of confidence in your company and in your products. Even when there was a snag (like getting my appraisal done in a timely manner), he stayed on top of it and insured I was aware of what was going on. His care, commitment, and professionalism caused me to recommend approximately 12-15 other family members and friends, telling them all to ask for him by name! He was even able to help get my brother (a soldier) closed with one of your great products! Both my brother and I are very happy about that. Thanks again Jacob!! I will continue to send family and friends to you and Low VA Rates!"

Angela B.

"Tracy was extremely efficient and quick to respond whenever I reached out to her. I cannot stop telling my co-workers at the DoD about the great experience I received from your office."

James R.

"The best refinance experience I have ever had. Excellent service by all at Low VA Rates. Thank You, Low VA Rates."

Jon Y.

"Ryan you are the man! I appreciate everything you did for me and all the time you spent assisting me with obtaining this letter. If there is anything I can do to show my appreciation please let me know. This meant a lot to me and you are awesome. It is good to know that you go the extra mile and are a man of your word. It is rare you come across people whose word is their bond and they actually keep it. Thank you so much!!!"

Rani K.

"My wife and I would like to thank all of you who helped us with the refinance of our mortgage. All of you who were involved were a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful at every turn. I would highly recommend your company to any veteran seeking mortgage services."

Michael & Deborah G.

"We would like to say that Eric Bunch did a wonderful job with our loan refinance. He and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable and were always available to answer any questions we had! We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone should the occasion arise."

Morris & Donna W.

"We refinanced our home with lowvarates at the end of 2016. We worked primarily with Chip McNall. Chip was super helpful and a delight to work with. We very much appreciate his positive attitude and willingness to do whatever was necessary to secure our loan. Things went smoothly thanks to him. I will recommend your company to all my friends that may be in the market for a home loan. Thank you for your efforts in our behalf."

Larry B.

"Hi. My experience with Low VA Rates was an extremely smooth process...To be honest with you, Sean Horlacher, and the President of your company, I would like to say that I could not believe that I actually got another refinance loan. Not just that, But at the LOW rate that was discussed even before the process!! Now that I did not anticipate. I was just hoping to get refinanced, but not at the rate that was given. I am extremely happy. And already I have been in the process to further improve my credit score as we speak. I am at a loss for words to be given this opportunity. It does mean a lot. I am happy to inquire about an opportunity for a refinance, and I am still shocked that it was even able to go through. And to even have a lower mortgage payment and APR, it just makes that even more sweeter."

Smorye B.

"We thank you very much for making it easy to do our refinance. I hope that you will not mind too much for me to pass the word around and to give out the phone number of Low VA Rates and to give out your name as the best agent!"

Maria L.

"Over a 3-month span of time I had received a letter each month introducing the possibility of a better interest rate. Initially I thought it was some kind of SPAM. The 3rd letter got my curiosity and I called my local VA Admin and inquired about the special program touted in the letter. VA Admin confirmed and went on to tell me Low VA Rates is highly recommended. The team headed by Eric are very professional and very customer service oriented. They answered all of my questions. Even I had to leave a message - my call was returned in a timely manner. I did call my current mortgage holder for competition - they could not do better. I have been recommending to every Veteran I have shared with and given out Eric's phone number."

Sandei J.

" I just want you to know that your employee David Stevens is a great asset to your company. He is very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He made my refinancing go very smoothly. He guided me step by step through the process. I had my closing on Friday, it has been my pleasure to work with your company."


"I want to let you know that I have already written the following words on the outside of the manila envelope, that contains our closing documents that we signed on 20 Aug. As I was saying, this is what I had written on my envelope; "THE LAST 15 YEARS!!!" So rest assured that you will receive my final mortgage payment on 1 Oct 2031!! Thank You Again for your professionalism, and that extends to your team as well!"

Doug & Anna S.

"I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know it was a pleasure working with Mari on my recent refi... Easy streamline process!"

Ryan M.

"I just got back from leave, and I knew something good was up when Sara called me Friday (19th) and asked if we could sign the closing docs then!!! At any rate, Morrison was good enough to come by the house Saturday, and we signed all there was to sign, and we are Very Happy!! Thanks Eric, and the same extends to your Low VA Rate Team!"

Doug and Anna S.

"Just want to say that working with Andy and Eric at Low VA Rates was a pleasure. I've not ever had anything go so smoothly. They were professional and personable. I will let my friends know about you guys. Thank you for making this stress-free."

Ed B.

"I was very happy with the service and how my loan was handled. I was even more impressed with how Robert Williams handled every question we had quickly. He did a great job of walking us through the process and I have never had better service. The on-line process was good we had some questions but Mr. Williams handled all of them. Thanks for the excellent service!"

William H.

"I am always happy with the results I get from working with all of you. You have a great team at Low Va Rates, and I enjoy the results. Thank You again."

Donna S.

"Mrs. Clark was professional, efficient, and thorough while showing a high level of concern that we fully understood how the process would unfold. She followed up on every thing that was handled by the others in the re-financing activity. We appreciate that. "

John G.

"Hello, I don't do this very much, but in this case, I felt it necessary to write, Dane C. was my loan officer, helping me refinancing my house and I just wanted to take a min of your time and let you know you have one hell of a person working for you. He did everything he said he was going to do, and then some. He kept me in the know how all the way through the process, and answered all my questions-sometimes two, or three times. If he said he was going to get back with me, he did, the same day, sometimes late, but he kept his word. In this day and age, you don't always get that. Just thought you'd like to know, he won my trust, and that's not a easy thing to do. Dane C is a go-get-her, very hard worker, and I appreciate what he did for me."

Donald M.

"I worked my loan with Charles Power and Courtnie. They were both right on the ball and are a credit to your company. It's the second time I worked with Charles and again he was great. Thank You."

T. Van Gorder

"I had a wonderful experience, everythign went smoothly, just super! Thank you!"

Tom S.

"Just a note to say how great it was to work AGAIN with Jed Hardman and his team. I only have good things to say AGAIN, as before Jed made me feel at ease with the process and answered any questions I had without making me feel I was bothering him. Didn’t make me feel like just another number. I really felt like he had my best interest at heart!! What an asset for your organization!!"

Beverly L.

"It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company. I would HIGHLY recommend your company to anyone who is looking to refinance."

Noel H.

"Your team did a great job helping me to refinance my home. Rob Peterson was very patient and understanding with my specific desires. When I thought we had reached a breaking point, he was able to meet my needs and close on this loan. Kierra Sturm was also very helpful in this process. She was prompt in replying to my inquiries and provided me all the information and documents required to make this an easy process. I am thankful to your entire team for making this refinance successful."

Joel K.

"Our experience was exceptional. Andy was just fantastic and made the whole process go smoothly and easily. He has even helped me since after the closing of our loan. I would definite recommend low va rates to anyone who was looking for a mortgage or to refinance."

Valerie H.

"The experience was great and I could not have asked for a better team who worked so diligently to secure a loan that best suites my budget. The time-line was awesome, as well as a quick closing."

Judith D.

"While we have lowered our interest rate (which was the reason to refinance) Jaren made the process very simple. He was consistent with keeping us up to date with where the loan was during the process. Being in banking and knowing the lengthy process, Jaren handled the whole experience with ease and I'm happy to have had a great lender to work with. He knew what he was talking about and answered any and all questions that we had. I have to say that we are very fortunate to take advantage of the low rates offered to veterans and all of the other great benefits that Jaren was able to explain to us (things that I didn't know working in a large retail institution that doesn't offer VA loans). Overall, we were very happy to have worked with Jaren and Low VA Rates for our refinance. We would absolutely work with Low Va Rates in the future as well as refer Low Va Rates to other veterans. Thank you for all you have done."

Donna C.

"Awesome experience from start to finish! I only wish that other companies could duplicate the professionalism and organization and most important demonstrate honesty that you guys have shown me from start to finish. I would highly recommend to all of my friends and family members."

Edward W.

"What a company and what professional staff you have. Zac was wonderful, he kept me update through the entire process and answered every question that I had. He met my target to refinance my home and lower my payments which will help me and my family for years to come. Wonderful experience, he is currently assisting me with my primary home to do the same and I can say I have faith and trust in him. He was wonderful and I would recommend him and your company to anyone who is trying to save money long term.."

Leslie G.

"My experience with Low VA Rates was nothing short of OUTSTANDING. They assisted with my refinance. The team assigned to me was professional, courteous, prompt and patient. The loan officer went over the options that worked best for my situation and was very knowledgeable. What I liked most is that I had direct access to the person I began the loan process with throughout the entire process when I had questions. I was even able to close in less than 30 days."

LaTanya W.

"Just wanted to say how awesome David Stevens was in helping me Refi my house. It started with getting a flyer in the mail and calling LowVArates for some questions. David was the one who worked with me from the beginning. He was very nice and very helpful throughout the entire process. It seemed even little question was responded with quick response and importance. I felt no pressure with working with David, and I was glad of his recommendations."

Dennis B.

"Everything is wonderful with us, my wife and I are truly enjoying our monthly payments now due to you in helping us Refinancing our home. If there's anymore offers that we (my wife and I) need to invest in we will choose you, because of your integrity with us looking out for our Best Interest."

Maurice M.

"We hit several obstacles trying to refi my mortgage loan but with Chris continuous efforts to ensure we get everything done on time and lock in the great rate that I got helped tremendously. I definitely had a great experience with Chris and I highly recommend him ."

Adil I.

"Just wanted to say thank you to Nick and the whole team. I lowered my interest rate almost 2%. This way I can knock off more principle and/or pay off other debt. The transaction went great. It was a little different than normal refinance with everything being on line. I liked it this way. The notary was great. She was in and out. I told her this was not our 1st refinance, so we can ask questions later if need be. Again thanks to you and the whole team. More than likely I will be doing this again in 5-7 years depending on my rate."

Scott M.

"Thank you for the opportunity to let me work with you. I appreciate everything Low VA Rates was able to do for me and my family more than you could know. Thank you so much for taking care of my refinance as fast as possible making it so that my family is saving so much money. I appreciate everything that you've done for us."

Stephan M.

"Thank you for the opportunity to utilize your company. I was highly satisfied with the service received from Low VA Rates. The staff was very professional and eager to assist me with my financial needs."

Frank and Debra O.

"Mr. Wolf, This is to express my sincere appreciation to you for your professionalism and being a true service member advocate. From my very first call to you a few weeks ago till closing on the loan, you assured and reassured me that you would make it happen and sure you did. Many lenders have disappointed me at the very last minute after raising so much hope, but you and Low VA Rates are the go-to lender to me. You absolutely take care of business no matter how complex. I have lived with the fear of losing my home for over one year. The big for nothing mortgage company I was with ( Wells Fargo) frustrated me, threatened me, scared the hell out of me and ruined my credit for being late on a payment in 6 years I was with them. I will forever remain grateful to you personally and to Low Va rate for helping me to go to bed with both eyes closed now. I hope and pray that my loan is not sold again to Wells Fargo."

Kehinde L.

"The service that I received was great, especially with everyone being willing to explain all the details of the new loan, and everyone being willing to work with me on things I was having trouble with. Overall, it was a great experience, and it went pretty smoothly. Thanks!"

Daniel K.

"I want to give my wonderful thanks to Tyler and Low VA Rates! He stuck with us through any problems we encountered and continued to keep us updated on all progress. He did a wonderful job, and we have already referred another couple to him. I hope he can help them out as well as he did us. Great job by Tyler."

Robert and Sandra D.

"Great service from a great mortgage company!"

James W.

"I am very happy with the results so far, Eric did a terrific job of keeping me informed who the process was going and what I needed to provide."

Robert B.

"My wife and I are extremely happy with the level of service at Low VA Rates after being told by many others that a rate this low was not possible. We can't tell you how extremely happy we are with the entire process! We also have referrals, another vet recently purchased a home who may benefit from this service!"

Michael J.

"Thank you, Low VA Rates, and your staff for all your help. I am very pleased with my loan/rate/mortgage payment!"

Melva R.

"We closed and all is well! We have setup direct payments and things are moving along smoothly. I again want to express my appreciation for all the work Nathan  and the rest of the staff at Low VA Rates has done! Thank you again for everything!"

Jim and Lisa B.

"I wanted you to know that working with Mari was great! She responded to all of my questions in an extremely expeditious way. I gave her two referrals and am going to attempt to get those people to talk with her."

Gary N.

"Thank you! I am happy to let you know that Mark did a wonderful job with my refinance! I was always told to "never" refinance on-line. Low VA Rates made it very simple and quick. Thank you very much for the professional work that you did for me and my refinance."

Jim S.

"Thank you for a really smooth refinance process! I wasn't terribly pleased with the company who did my first mortgage, but I was completely impressed by the experience I had with Low VA Rates! I have expressed to all that I have spoken to about my refinance how pleased I was with the entire experience. You definitely have earned my loyalty. I plan to continue to commit any new mortgage solicitations from other companies to the 'ol circular file. LOL! If I did have a need to refinance, I will of course check with you first!"

Vance R.

"I want to thank you so much for the effort of you and your team in helping us. This will make a huge difference in our lives. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I also really appreciate your quick responses and information, Thank you!"

Roger W.

"Thank you Low VA Rates. This refinance was much easier and less hectic than my original loan obtainment. I very much appreciate your working with me on this loan."

Jim S.

"I would like to say thank you to you and your team for taking care of my loan.  I was very pleased with the level of service I received from Trace Wilkinson and his staff.  They definitely go the extra mile to make sure that all the “T”s are crossed and all the “I”s are dotted!  Keep up the outstanding work!  I will do my best to pass your information along to all the Veterans I know that are looking (or not looking) to refinance their home."

Eric L.

"Mari Dean has been on top of everything that needed to be done. She made the process go smooth as far as I’m concerned. It went a lot better than the initial company I was dealing with. I didn’t get any surprises throughout the whole process. It was a pleasure working with Mari. She helped me understand certain situations along the way that I didn’t understand. Thanks Mari you were a big help to me."

Robert A.

"Thank you low VA Rates for all your help and sticking to your every word!"

Edmond M.

"Thanks again for all your hard work refinancing my loan. I would totally recommend your company to any other Vet. This refi was smooth, painless and quick."

John M.

"Thanks Low VA Rates for the refinance, and please note Clemente & Mark were near perfect! Clemente did a very good job in explaining things & contacting me. (I’m not easy to get a hold of.) Mark was great at that too! But, I think one of the the biggest items of help was the video that Clemente hooked me up with. That helped explain things to my wife. Thanks again & I’ve already told my friends & family about you all!"

Duquesne K.

"I’ve just completed being processed for a VA refinancing loan by and was amazed at the customer service and support given by this organization. My loan officer (Eric Jorgensen) is the most professional, thorough and customer service centric person I’ve ever dealt with in a business transaction. From day one, he was informing me of every step that I had to go through and the timing involved for the refinance. He also introduced each team member that I would or could be interacting with describing their roles and responsibilities to me completely. His periodic check-ins to make sure that I was comfortable with the whole process were timely and consistent. He made sure that I didn’t feel like just another customer or client filling out the forms and then passing me on to the next step. He and his team followed me the entire way through and even after I had gotten my refinance approved. LowVARates truly represent the pinnacle of how a well-managed organization should be. I can’t compliment them enough on how smoothly and stress free the entire refinancing process with them was! I not only got an excellent refinance rate, but was able to conduct everything online up to the signing of the final loan documents. They sent a Notary to me at my job with all the paperwork where it was signed, notarized and sealed for FedEx deliver in the shortest time I’ve ever accomplished real estate transactions. I would enthusiastically recommend LowVARates and Eric’s team to anyone seeking a streamlined VA refinancing for hassle free, no stress success! This was by far the BEST mortgage transaction I’ve ever participated in and I owe it all to LowVARates and Eric’s team. I congratulate them on a process that not only works but truly serves the customer to the highest extent!"

Robert G.

"I would like to thank Low VA Rates for the awesome job they did with helping me refinance my home recently. They were always professional and advised me on which options would likely be my best to select based on my situation and desires. Mr. Ryan Sawyer was especially helpful...he was always quick to respond to any question or concern I had and made the entire refi process very simple to understand. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great team to help with their refi select Low VA...they deliver on what they offer!"

Charlie B.

"Lance and his team did an awesome job of treating me with respect and they kept me well informed and updated throughout the process. I was usually able to reach them in a timely manner if I had a question or concern. My part in the process was really minimal and not much of my time was taken up. Thank you Lance!"

Kevin A.

"Your man Kevin Householder was great. He kept me in the loop and told me what to expect. He called me back promptly when I had questions and was always patient with my illiterate computer skills. The notary sucked. Came late didn't give to much info and didn't bring my closing check which I ended up waiting a month for. Kevin also helped me with that. I am pleased with the experience all and all thanks to Kevin. "

Timothy F.

"Refinancing with Low VA Rates was the fastest process I have ever been through. I loved all the tutorials they have posted on YouTube. If you want to arm yourself with all the leading knowledge and have the smoothest purchase or refi experience possible, contact Low VA Rates. They have the friendliest staff who will work with you every step of the way."

Jackie W.

"Thank you and your staff for the excellent service I received in the refinance of my home. I am very pleased and have already given some friends the name and phone number of Low V.A.Rates. Again,thank you very much."

Emmett F.

"We are very happy to have had a loan with your company. We never had a person start the loan and finish it. We've also never had a person quote a price from day one and stay the same all through the entire process. You were on top of everything to the end and made it very easy for us. Thank you and your company. We have never had such a pleasant and easy process. We will always recommenced you and Low VA Rates from now on."

Kenneth H.

"It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company. I would HIGHLY recommend your company to anyone who is looking to refinance."

Noel H.

"Often times we as consumers don’t take the time to recognize folks who go the extra mile because we get inundated with work and life events etc. This experience with Brandon and Low VA Rates to me has been a shining example of how business should be conducted. As a combat veteran and father of 5, I want to really thank you and the hard-working team at Low VA Rates for making this one of the most seamless experiences I’ve ever encountered. With professionals like Brandon aboard your team - you can be assured that I will be doing business again with Low VA Rates. I will gladly recommend your team and services to all my colleagues, friends and military brethren alike. "

Derrik F.

"As I spent time with my family this Thanksgiving, I thought about you. Thank you for helping me with refinancing my VA loan. Unfortunately, many people I’ve been exposed to lately do not show the authenticity and care I’ve felt from you. Veterans need more people like you! Every bit of kindness helps. Karen, Thank you again! "

John L.

"Dan Gardner and his team at Low VA Rates did an outstanding job in handling our VA Refinance. The direction and guidance was superb, communication was key and follow up happened regularly so no one ever let the ball drop. Low VA Rates met our wants and needs from day one to the end, months later and actually exceeded our expectations. It was work, but well worth it because at the end of the day we got what we worked so hard to achieve, and a lower rate with the help of Low VA. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a home mortgage or refinance. They are a first rate group of people and company, you will not be disappointed."

Eric & Chiquita C.

"Brandon, You have saved my family, my most important asset in the world. You and the team at Low VA Rates believed in us when we didn't even believe in ourselves. You and the Underwriting Team basically produced a miracle and we will forever be indebted to you and the team. Thank you again for hanging on to is for so long and believing in us. We, as vers, appreciate businesses that look out for us- for what we have sacrificed for everyone's freedom and it means so much. We love you all like family and if any of the team is in Augusta, GA the door will always remain open. Take care and hope to keep in touch."

Mike G.

"My experience with Low VA Rates was excellent. My loan officer Ryan Taylor was very informative, he communicated with me throughout the entire process, and answered any questions that I had. He ensured that every date that was given to me for a milestones was met. He also ensured that whatever he stated to me was factual. Great company!"

Anthony C.

"I refinanced my home mortgage for a fixed rated and was very pleased with the services I received from your company. I worked with Tyler Burns who worked with me throughout the process. He explained things when necessary and gave good feedback. His patience made the process much easier and I am very grateful and appreciative of his help. Thank you Low VA Rates for making my buying experience a pleasurable one."

Tracy R.

"Overall, our experience with Low VA Rates is very positive. 5 Stars! I have experienced numerous closings, both purchases and refinancings, with the homes I have owned over the years. This was the smoothest, easiest, quickest, and most low "drama" experience of all! Phillip and the others on your team could not have been better -- available, able to respond to any and all questions, provided clear explanations. We handled everything online except for the closing which took place at our home instead of at a title company office. Very convenient! I was also able to set up the mortgage payment online. That went smoothly, too."

James H.

"My home loan went spectacularly. Michael Burns was able to work with my wife and I, even though I was in Romania and she was out of state at law school. His patience was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with. Michael made this process enjoyable and stress free. If I ever have another situation where I need to refinance or whatever, Michael will be the first person I call."

Jack M.

"Our experience was extremely positive in every aspect. The staff at Low VA has always been very helpful and answered all our concerns. As I said in my feedback response; Ryan had promised to get in touch with us after making several payments to secure a better credit rating and he was as good as his word. That in itself was a sign of integrity that is missing with many companies. As a veteran, I do appreciate all that companies like yours does for us. God Bless Low VA Mortgage!"

Ken & Bonnie R.

"Over the past several years I have received numerous emails and calls to refinance our VA loan. Until I spoke with Andy, I did not move forward. Andy spoke in a very professional tone and manner and made the entire process sound like it would be easy for us and that he would be engaged in the process all the way. And he was, he guided us and made it very easy to meet the various information requests and deadlines. Andy was excellent at problem-solving and made us feel secure along the way. The entire refi process went as scheduled and we are very pleased with the results. It was a pleasure working Andy and I highly recommend him to others."


"I recently refinanced my mortgage with Lauren Clark, and she was a pleasure to work with! Prompt, courteous and professional! What else can you ask for! I highly recommend her!"


"Ike, Thanks for all your help during that process! You made it all very seamless and easy and I appreciate that so much! "

John N.

"Dealing with Peter was easy. I thought he was a nice guy and talking to him nearly every day while getting the loan was always pleasant. Also I would recommend him to handle a loan to any of my friends. I thought he was someone special."

Delmar H.

"Working with Phillip was a very good experience, I learned a lot. Closing was made good, simple, recommending to all. I even went to my VFW meeting last night and told all my fellow members about Low VA Rates."

James G.

"Curtis, Thanks for the update, and many thanks to you and your team for the excellent manner in which you handled my refinance. I appreciate being informed and guided through every step of the process, and for any questions I had being immediately addressed. You all were outstanding and I appreciate your sincere and professional service. I would definitely recommend your company to other veterans looking to refinance. Again thank you, it's been a pleasure working with you!"

Debora M.

"I'd like to express a huge 'THANK YOU' to you, Ryan Sawyer, for guiding me through the entire process of refinancing our loan. There were other mortgage companies (quite a few) trying to get our business but we looked back on how we were able to refinance time and time again we decided to remain as one of your customers. All of your staff were very helpful with each call or communication."


"It is an honor to be able to send you a testimonial. I follow you on Youtube. I received a random refinance letter in the mail back in 2015. Hopeless of being able to refinance, I gave VA LOANS a call. When Mike answered the call, I thought he was going to tell me that I was not going to be able to refinance because of my situation at the time. I was ignored by other loan officers. Mike knew what was going on with me and had the patience to follow up with me every two month or so. Until I was able to start my refinance process. I know for a fact that Mike did everything possible to make this refinance happen. Can't thank Mike and his crew enough for their help and professional service. Thank You VA LOANS!"

Rodrigo P.

"I appreciated all that your company has done for me on my new refinance. Starting with Sean and ending with Kim. Sean has been so nice in keeping me posted on the outcome of my new loan."

Linda D.

"Thanks and I really like how everything worked out. It really helped me in a time of need as well, so all in all I give it a a 5 star treatment."

Chris W.

"Lauren, Thank you for the information. Our experience with you and the team has been great. My wife and I would like to thank you all for the assistance during the refinance process. We will be sure to keep the notes close, and will be sure to contact you in the future when the need arises. Thank you again."

Richard C.

"This was not our first buy and the closing was extremely easy. The team kept us informed of the progress all the way through the the process. They then reached out days after closing to see how we were doing. I would recommend this team to my friends and family."

Richard & Christy

"You guys have been awesome. Everything was done speedy, and I want to thank you for all that you do for me. Truly. Thank you."

Edward C.

"Working with Dan Gardner was a great experience. He has the best customer service,communicated with us in a timely manner, never made us feel bad when we asked questions. Everything went as planned with our refinance just as he said and gave us a better deal all the way around. I would highly recommend working with Dan and Low VA Rates!! We will be doing a lot more business with Dan!"

Richard & Laurey N.

"I want to thank you for an easy refinancing process. My loan officer, Michael Burns was very knowledgeable and answered my questions concisely and to my understanding. He was very courteous with every phone conversation. I felt that he was honest and gave me the information that I needed to make a decision to go with a hybrid loan. I am pleased with the short timeframe this process took to complete."

Michele H.

"The refinancing went very smooth. Brian Heaton was very professional and friendly and did explain many options to us. Thank you!"

Randy & Carlena L.

"It was a great and smooth experience and the loan is way better than anything I have ever heard of before."

Jeremy M.

"We had an excellent experience with our mortgage refinance. Everyone we worked with was very helpful and quick to respond when we had questions or issues. We have and will continue to refer our family and friends."

Denny & Barb J.

"I would like to thank Mr. Robert Williams for his customer service while assisting us with our refinance. It was a pleasure to work with him. He guided us through the process very well."

Marvin V.

"I am very pleased with the level of service I received from Low VA Rates and especially with Jaren. He is truly the reason that I went with Low VA Rates . This is the 3rd house I have purchased and Jaren is by far the most friendly, knowledgable and professional individual I have ever worked with! I have recommended him to everyone I know and I have stored all of his contact info for future need if I ever need anything !"

Sabrina W.

"Our experience with Low VA Rates was awesome. When we were first contacted we thought it was a scam, but after talking further with Curtis we realized it was a good opportunity to refinance and take advantage of the 3 yr ARM. Curtis provided us with all the information we could possibly need to make an informed decision. The whole process was fairly pain free and when there was a hiccup, they smoothed it out. Things went according to schedule. We were always treated with respect and Allyson was also extremely helpful. We was treated like we were working face to face and they knew us. It was a great experience and I would recommend this program to any veteran. They deserve the best from this country. Thank you again!"

Larry and Karen K.

"All went great! Best loan procedure I've ever had and I've closed on 8 houses in my past. Blake Suitter was excellent and always available for my questions by text or phone. Great job Low VA Rates!"

Ron D.

"I just wanted you to know what a pleasure it was to refinance my VA loan with Low VA Rates. My loan officer, Mark Powell, really knows his business and made the process simple. I had a few requirements, all of which Mark incorporated into my new loan. Should I need real estate services in the future, Mark will be the first person I contact. Thank you Low VA Rates."

Michael H.

"I definitely received 5 star treatment dealing with Andrew Johnson the experience was by far the smoothest Re-fi I’ve experienced. Prompt replies were received to any questions or concerns and solutions to possible issues. I will use your service for any future purchases or refinance. My thanks to all involved in the process."

Patricia G.

"I could speak volumes on our very positive experience with your company. Tyler Burns went above and beyond helping my wife and I secure a refinance package. I will recommend your company to anyone looking to refinance."

Jackson G.

"My loan process with your company was exceptional. Everyone there was real helpful and was able to answer all my questions with patience and precision. I appreciated all the help and insight that was given and your office's ability to work with me when things on my end were not working as expected. This whole process was very easy and painless and I appreciated that, especially since I was out of state for most of it. I again thank you for your whole teams work and am very happy with the service I received.."

Kelly H.

"You guys are the greatest. Thanks so much for helping. You really take care of us vets. The whole process was easier than when I first bought my house and Tyler was always there to answer all of my questions."

Douglas G.

"Thanks to the professional help in securing our refinance lowering our percentage mortgage. I whole heartily recommend VA ow Rates for your next refinance"

Marvin W.

"I was very satisfied with Chris Brown's work on getting me my Low VA Rates loan. It was a pleasure working with Chris though the whole process. He went step by step with me to explain how each step went and if I had any questions they where answered right away. He always kept in contact with me about the status of my loan and if he needed something from me he would e-mail. Any set backs, Chris would be on those right away! I feel my loan was completed in a timely manner and overall I would give Chris Brown an A+ rating!" "

Richard K.

"Just recently I had accession to work closely with a team from your office. I am pleased to write this letter to your attention with the objective of highlighting the good work of one of your colleagues: Mr. Trace Wilkinson. "Since the middle of October, when I applied for refinancing of my VA home loan with your Company, I had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. Wilkinson. Based on my experience in dealing with other representatives of loan companies over the phone, I found my relationship with Mr. Wilkinson to be very positive, and worth bringing it to your attention. His interaction was honest, up-front, and timely. Both my wife and I were very comfortable when he addressed such contingencies: (1) as my wife being in Nepal, and getting documents via computer long distance with less than adequate services on her site, or (2) accommodating the closing to her time frame. We didn’t close on the contract until mid-night on the 23rd November, yet, Mr. Wilkinson and his team continued to address contingencies on his side. "Mr. Wilkinson was attentive to details, although challenges, as a result of new loan procedure regulations, at times became a stumbling block, as a client I can say that he provided excellent client service. He was a problem solver under an immense amount of pressure as we reached the closure of the loan procedure. "I highly commend you and your company for hiring such excellent Loan Initiator persons as Mr. Wilkinson. It reflects well on your company. If he were my employee, I would highlight his work, as a stimulus to other colleagues."

Joseph D.

"Thank you for continuing to follow up with me even after we closed. I really have appreciated all of your excellent service. It's good to know that I can reach out any time for assistance and you will be there, much thanks."

Bobbie M.

"My wife and I have appreciated and anjoyed the assistance we've received from Mari Dean, our loan officer. She was effective in helping us. I am not a computer geek at all, but Mari patiently helped me do everything that was required for our loan to be approved and funded."

Dee and Carol M.

"Thank you for all your hard work and diligence! I will certainly look to Low VA Rates before making any decisions! Thanks again for all your hard work! May God bless you for your efforts! "

Aaron W.

"I was very IMPRESSED with Low VA Rates and my loan officer Jed Hardman. I would, and will, recommend your services to my friends. Jed is a true professional and your service is AA+"

William G.

"I found you to be very professional men and women of your word. For me you were very clear and concise and you let me know exactly what to expect during the refinance. I would refer you to my friends and family bar none! I was really impressed with your knowledge, experience, and ability to answer any question that I had. Please know that I appreciated your timely responses and ability to react and follow up on all of my questions!"

Bill J.

"Wish I would've hooked up with you when I first bought my house. You have been such a blessing to me and my son. Thank you for all you have done."

Eric G.

"Thank you all for all of your assistance and for handling this process so expeditiously. It's been a pleasure working with Low VA Rates. Take care! "

Tonya C.

"I would like to say thank you very much for your team whom worked so hard on my behalf, I was very gun shy about this right up front, but was put at ease while talking with Jesse and Nate! Those two are a great team and if there is an office reward I'd like to nominate them for it! I was very pleased with how well it worked out and with the speed at which it went! I plan on coming back to you and your wonderful teams when the time presents itself again. One more time, 'THANK YOU' to Low VA Rates, specifically Nate and his team of pros!"

Claude E.

"Thank you Low VA Rates for your team effort in bringing this to closure. I appreciate you making this happen even with the time constraints we were under. I will recommend you to all of my friends who are in similar circumstances with their mortgages. Thank you again Jed, Blessings on you and your families."

Kendall G.

"Oh where do I begin???? I have never met such a nice man. He truly wanted to help me with my mortgage. Nate was patient and understanding with me. I was truly feeling very alone, and Nate acted like a friend and guided me all the way through the process of refinancing. Nate was my first help since my husband passed and I will never forget his kindness. I will never go to another refinance company again. Only Low! "

Patty U.

"I would just like to take a moment and say THANK YOU! I was very pleased with the process. I was a little hesitant at first, being that it was all done over email, but, Nick and Jerron were both great and they always took the time to answer my questions! Even after closing they took the time to answer any questions I had. Thank you again!"

Danielle C.

"Thank you and your team for getting us thru the process. It is a blessing for us to make this transition. And yes, we will be looking you up the next time we refinance."

Bret V.

"I was skeptical to use an online company. However, dealing with with Nate Walker of LowVARates diminished my doubt. He was constantly in contact with us and always available. The entire loan process went smoothly. We were very satisfied."

Tamara L.

"I usually do not have time to take surveys, even in my college days I always found teaching evaluations very difficult to write--authentically. So, I would never submit an evaluation, especially for the professors of which I thought the most highly. But Low VA Rates deserves an exception... My evaluation: The process was rather painless, even though any loan is an arduous process. Mike always returned my correspondences in a timely manner, and I am thankful of that. I was initially worried that your institution was some "po dunk" operation that might scam me of my few dollars, and so I took the first few steps very carefully and with great apprehension. Once I determined that your company was legit, I felt more comfortable with the process. Mike's service was impeccable. He had solid, honest answers, and he never played me. Good luck in your future transactions! I certainly will recommend your services in the future."

Gina C.

" exceeded my expectations by not only completing my VA refinance in a timely manner, but also by being efficient and informative from the very first day. Ammon and his team never treated me like a number and anytime I emailed them a question they answered back without delay. got the job done and always treated me with respect and professionalism. I would HIGHLY recommend if you are looking for people to work with who actually know what they are doing and who are eager to make you glad you chose them. Thank you and your team, Ammon!!"

Leonard O.

"Just wanted to write and say how impressed I have been with our VA loan refinance process. Everyone that I spoke with was very professional and knowledgable. It was especially a pleasure working with our loan officer Jason Skinrood. You can do no better! He is honest and completely trustworthy. I would recommend LowVARates to anyone! Thanks for exceeding my expectations."

Jared T.

"When we first started working with Mari/lowvarates we were very dicouraged because, after much hype, we had just been denied a VA loan from another well known lender. We have always payed our bills on time, but our income to debt ratio was heavy, and we were doing everything just to keep our heads above water. We desperately needed someone to believe in us, not empty promises. And then we found lowvarates through a link at the VA website. Thanks to Mari's positive attitude and belief in her company's service delivery, we reluctanly decided to try one more time. Mari led us step by step through the entire process. We know that we were not her only clients, however she made us feel like we were; she made us feel important. She was honest, diligent and dedicated. You don't see lowvavrates all over your TV, but while others "claim" they are there to help you, lowvarates actually "did" help, we got results! We highly encourage others who are seeking real results to check out lowvarates. They have an awesome team ready to serve you. "forget about the fluff and work with the real stuff!!" . Thank you Mari and the great team at lowvarates for showing you care. Thanks to you we are eliminating that high debt to income ratio problem and we have a new lease on our financial life. Thank you for believing in us. We are recommendng you to everyone we know!"

Otis & Brenda S.

"I wanted to THANK YOU and your team for your honesty and accuracy, as well as lowering my VA mortgage interest rate. Thank You!"

James T.

"Nate did a great job, very professional. I told him the interest rate I wanted and The amount of costs I was willing to pay To do the refinance. He did it for less and With little paper work for me to produce."

Tom H.

"I greatly appreciate everyone involved throughout this process and the professionalism and honesty that each team member carried. I will recommend you to other Vets when given the opportunity. Thanks!"

Erik S.

"I was happy and amazed with how knowledgeable Isaac was with my loan and the process..thanks again for all your help Isaac."

Richard B.

"I really liked my representative for his outstanding commitment to ensure my loan process. Thanks you for all your hard work. God bless!"

Larry D.

"Dan Gardner was the Loan Officer that I chose to help find me a loan and close that loan. I chose Dan because only after a few minutes into our conversation, I knew he would serve my best interests. I was right; because his attributes, integrity, and ethics were beyond reproach. He proved to be invaluable as I went through the closing process. He was there for me whenever I needed any questions answered. He knew all the right people and knew any warning signs that might come up. I would recommend Dan to anyone who is thinking of buying a house or choosing the right loan. You will have no regrets when the closing is completed."

James D.

"Thank you so much this is all because of your hard work, patience, efficiency, and all your troubleshooting skill,and compassionate heart to help someone who is seeking for some definite financial changes in their mortgage and handling financial matters and without your dedication with your work and the desire to lend a much and unwarranted extra time even weekends calls,tx,and hundreds of emails replies and sends I am forever grateful to you and your staff!!!!I wish that our path will cross someday and maybe I can return the favor in every way I can in the same token that you have extended your precious time when I almost ready to give up and getting mad sad and upset about how other people handled my application. You are one of the jewel of your company and I cant say and thank you enough for all the hard work you put in to get my application get processed not mentioning a countless times we have been watching and waiting for all my docs to get send to you ---wow you are really on top of things and readily available and super attention to details AGAIN...I'm running out of words to describe how lucky your company have you !!! A million thanks to you!"

Raul R.

"Tracy, I want to thank you for a wonderful experience in doing all the things you have done for me to get what I was looking for in this special loan. Your hard work and guiding me through the process and a very special caring you have toward military personnel. If your company has an employee of the month or year let me know. I will send them a book on why you deserve to be the one. I have never had the opportunity to have such a caring sweet lady that really is out to make sure her clients are happy and well satisfied on their financial situations Tracy you are just like a special friend that never gives up. Thank you so much, you have made me very happy."

Ted C.

"I fully appreciate the support provided by those involved in my refinancing experience. They were very professional and efficient. I have already referred others to Lowvarates for their loan needs. Brandon and all the others were great."

Don G.

"I highly recommend Low VA Rates for home finance or refinance needs. They are a professional and dedicated team of experts in both areas and are willing to provide excellent service for home purchases or refi requirements. The process flow in my experience with them went smoothly and without obsticals which is why I speak to their expertise and professionalism. Truly a committed group of personnel, in particular, Porter Perkins, who I had the pleasure of working with in my endeavor. Thanks again Porter and Low VA Rates."

Jerome O.

"Our review was 5 stars! We loved working with Low VA, Andrew and the team there! It was a great experience! Professional and caring. All questions were answered in real time and in simple, non-mortgage business people can understand. Andrew was outstanding to work with! He really shows care for his customers. I will definitely recommend Low VA to all our Veteran family and friends!"

Barbara M.

"Thank you Lynn. I've never experienced such a smooth process. You and your staff were fantastic. You were always available to answer my questions no matter how small. THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of our hearts."

Lawrence & Barbara S.

"Ryan, Hallelujah, I completed the signing at 3:30PM PST with Dahlia. Again, thank you and all your staff for the fantastic job, I will never forget it, and if given the opportunity, will recommend you to others with without hesitation or reservation!!!"

Bruce M.

"Adam, People and friends may think you speak in redundancy, 'cuz your probably always saying "another satisfied customer". Our encounter is not just coincidence it's Divine Intervention. I will definitely send any referrals your way. THANK YOU."

J. Martinez

"It was an honor and pleasure working with Mari Dean; very eloquent, knows her brand, timely on her response, professional, very articulate and demonstrate an unyielding passion for a customer."

Leonardo & Romira H.

"I just want to send this to express my appreciation for the fantastic work of your company, especially pointing out the professionalism, competency, and efficiency of Mari Dean. I had an amazing experience and especially appreciate her orchestrating the closing process that had to be completed with my wife in a different geographic location around 1,500 miles from me. Class act!!! This was my second refinance action with your company and I know that interest rates couldn't possibly dip any lower than they currently are, but if the opportunity did present itself again, I would eagerly work with your company. I will highly recommend you to other friends and/or family who qualify for a VA IRRL. Thanks again and have a great day."

Michael and Maria M.

"I am extremely happy with my VA Low Rates loan and the whole loan process. It was by far the easiest home mortgage I have ever been involved with. It was fast and efficient. Peter Weckhorst was great and kept me constantly updated. The loan was able to close 2 weeks earlier than expected. I have mainly been waiting to write this review once I got my payment coupons, and they arrived last week. I have been telling all my friends at work who are Vets about your company and the different loans they have. I also would not hesitate at all referring a friend or coworker to your company."

James F.

"Lauren Clark went above and beyond in my refinancing experience. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. Lauren was patient and returned every email and phone call. Highly recommend her."

Clay N.

"Tracy-I want to thank you for you caring ways. You are ahead of the game and working hard to make it better for me. I have never had a loan officer show me so much caring towards my venture in getting this taken care of for me. You are so sweet of a lady and I can tell you love your job very much in helping out the Veterans. That is so great for someone to be that special. I thank you so much and look forward to working with you on this as much as I can but I know you have everything all working great."


"I was given the pleasure to work with one of your Loan Officer, Dane Christensen. He truly made the process of refinancing my house smooth and stress free. Words that come to mind when I think about my experience is positive, consistent, patient and efficient. He made himself available whenever I had any question or concerns. He also took the time to share some videos and additional information that would be helpful to me so I could get a better understanding on things that were discussed. I can genuinely say that if I had the chance to work with him again, I would. I most certainly will let the people I know about the service that was given to me."

Lupe F.

"Our VA streamline refinance went very smoothly and we closed as scheduled. Lauren answered every question immediately and made sure to follow up when needed. She was available every step of the way and that was very comforting since we were dealing over the internet and email. I would definitely use Lauren Clark again for a home loan of any kind."


"Through all the ups and downs, Garrett and John were great. Very pleased with everything, and they worked with me to understand the refi process."

Frank S.

"We couldn't be happier with the loan process and especially with Russ Peterson. He walked through all the steps involved and was available when I was questioning or didn't understand something. He was right on target with estimate time it would take to finalize our process with just a few hiccups."

Sheryl and Jerry E.

"I was skeptical to re-finance because we are constantly barraged with offers that usually turn out to be a waste of time, money, or both. I decided to take a chance and give Low VA Rates a call. I was assigned to Dane Christensen and I was quickly impressed by him. He worked with me to figure out our families goals and offered the best options based on our needs. Dane took extra time to make sure the questions I asked were answered. Based on the work of Dane and your people, I will be recommending your company to anyone who needs a home loan or refinancing."

Bryan B.

"The experience was amazing."

Hedrik S.

"I can sum it up in a few words: Fantastic! Very good, patient, thorough and supportive. Robert Williams is awesome."

Lavester M.

"I appreciate you and your teams hard work in helping me out. Definitely will have a positive financial benefit to me as I'm nearing my wedding date. I know my load was more work and time than profit so I'll do my best to show my appreciation through referrals. So feel free to keep me in the loop when deals arise etc, and I'll send my veteran friends your way."

Steven J.

"Everyone I worked with was more than fantastic. I had reservations about the process in the beginning but I'm so thankful that I've got my home refinance and able to turn around my finances. You and your team really took the stress of the process off my mind. I want to thank you so much for your timely response to my many questions. And thank you for sharing this information with me. This was an awesome experience... especially e-signing online. I truly feel Low VA rates offers the best for Vets."

Charran W.

"I will say this my experience was EXCELLENT, Andrew and his team kept me informed and were always there when I needed them, they explained everything and took the time to answer my questions, they took care of everything it was so easy for me, the process went really smooth and fast it was all said and done in little over a month. I want to thank EVERYONE who handled my refinance and will HIGHLY recommend Low VA Rates to anyone who is looking to refinance or buy a home."

Randy M.

"Low VA Rates was easy to work with and didn't require so much of the lesser papers other companies ask for."

Don M.

"My feedback is a 10 out of 10 for all who helped in the process of re-financing our home loan. Spencer and the entire staff made it very easy for us to fulfill our part of the process and everything went smooth and quick. I appreciate good service when I receive it (rare in today's world of business) and we definitely received great service."

Ron & Tess D.

"We were very pleased with how you worked with us to get [a] rate that worked best for us. We were given several options, and we were explained very well how each option had pros and cons. We are very happy that we chose Low VA Rates to refinance our home. We will definitely work with them again in the future. Thank you."

Leslie B.

"I want to let you know that we received excellent service from your company. All our telephone calls were responded to quickly. Our loan officer Burt Hoagland was helpful in explaining the loan we were getting. He followed up on all our request. He kept us informed about the process. The loan has really cut the cost of our mortgage. I am so glad I responded to the solicitation letter you sent."

Louie M.

"The application process was easy, I wished that we heard of valowrates. 6yrs when we bought the house. Next time we buy a house we are going to use you. We really appreciated when the notary came to our house that made it really easy. To close instead of bring the kids to an office building."

Josh D.

"Your team has been nothing but the best in getting me what I need. For that, I say Thank you. It was easy on my end, on what I needed to do, and your team handled the rest. I really appreciate what your team did for me, without all the haggling and unkept promises. The guys did what they said they were going to do, and that goes a long way in my book. Thank you again."

Benjamin C.

"I would like to thank all the staff that assisted me with my re-finance. Trace Wilkinson and his crew all deserve a 5-star rating for their professionalism in getting my loan approved. From the beginning to the final touches, I was always informed as to what was taking place. The process was very expedient and thorough. I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking to secure any type of loan. I would and will use this company again for my next loan."

Darrell M.

"My husband, David, and I worked with Mari Dean throughout our loan process. She was a delight to work with and always answered our questions quickly and pleasantly. The process went smoothly and we will definitely recommend Low VA Rates to friends and family who qualify for a VA loan."

Dianne S.

"Just want to say thanks to your company and the wonderful personnel, for the great work that was done on my behalf in refinancing our home. Each and every person that called or sent e-mail was very kind, patient and helpful in helping me through the whole process."

Billy D.

"I've done a refi before but this was the best refi experience that I have had. Garret and Anthony both were very professional. They communicated with me at every turn about the status of my loan which allowed me to continue on with my other responsibilities. They answered all my questions with expertise. In short, my refi experience was great and I would recommend Low VA Rates to my friends and family."

Stanley F.

"The process that Low VA Rates uses has to be the smoothest, yet most proficient financial transaction I have ever participated in. Everyone that was involved exhibited a genuine concern for me and my family and a willingness to insure that we received [great] rates. I couldn't ask for a better team of people to work with in regards to the most important financial obligation of my life."

Darron J.

"My journey with VA Low Rates during the refi process was excellent. Jed and his team assisted me amicably throughout the procedure and I felt they had my best interest at heart. Great team effort from all involved. Would/will recommend their services in the future if the opportunity is presented. Thanks VA Low Rates."

Jerome O.

"The loan process was a great experience and I am very happy with the outcome. Russ was great and very helpful throughout the process. Requests for information were delivered in a timely manner and I was never left uninformed. I would use Russ and his staff again."

Thomas G.

"Just a quick note to let you know that I had a great experience, from beginning to end, working with Mari to get my loan approved. This was the best and easiest mortgage loan process I've had, bar none. Thanks to all of you at Low VA Rates for making my loan happen!"

Steve G.

"I would like to say thank you to Jed Hardman and his staff for a wonderful job of preparing and refinancing my home for us. they were professional throughout the whole process. They kept me informed while I was traveling on a family emergency. In the end the provided me with a shorter loan period and a lower interest rate that helped my budget tremendously. Thank you again to Jed Hardman and team. "

Kelvin P.

"I must say, I certainly hit the jackpot a year ago going with Low V. A. Rates to re-finance my mortgage. As I say in the interview, getting your unsolicited letter ad and following through on it with the helpful research of my realtor from almost six (6) years ago when I first bought the house, was the best thing I've done in a long time. Being able to reduce my monthly mortgage payment has enabled me to use that savings toward much-needed house repairs--and other things, not the least of which has been his surgery to remove a tumorous mass from his lung two (2) weeks ago. That little guy (he's now thirteen) flew through the operation without complications and is difficult to restrain in returning to his usual active behavior. So thank you all at LVAR for making this possible."

Jani F.

"Thanks for the info and also for helping me through this whole process. I don't plan on refinancing anytime soon because I highly doubt anybody can compete with what Low VA Rates offered me. I appreciate your time in explaining everything to me and unless I'm missing something this was the right decision for me by far. Thanks for everything. "

Junior M.

"Thank you. Being a vet, we always appreciate people who are straight forward and have their troops in mind for the good"

Wilfredo G.

"I have no complaints. Brian answered every question and returned my calls in a timely manner. The entire process was a breeze for me, Brian took care of everything. I would highly recommend. "

Tony F.

"Michael and I would like to thank you and your staff. Curtis was just wonderful to work with. If I didn't know how to do something he would walk me through it. You should be very proud of him and his staff. He is excepational. Thank you! "

Nancy and Mike P.

“My Experience with Low VA Rates was great from beginning to end. Initially, I was very nervous about using an online company. I have had bad experiences in the past and I didn’t want to be swindled again. Low VA Rates put me at ease. They were patient and understanding, but what stood out to me was that they were straight forward. The flier wasn’t too pitchy and they stuck to the facts. This straightforward honesty carried throughout the whole process. Overall I am very impressed with their service. My loan officer was Michael Birk, he was helpful and he got things done in a timely manner. It was still a refinance, but I felt that Low VA Rates did all they could to keep it moving and get it done for me! I would refer them to any Veteran who is looking to refinance. Thank you, Low VA Rates, and all your staff for helping me through this!”

Danielle D.

"Without a doubt the best experience that I have ever had with refinancing my property and I have purchased and sold several homes. I would and have recommended Low VA Rates to fellow workers to refinance a VA IRRL. You have dedicated employees that are very consistent, communicate well, and are very knowledgeable on your product and services. I assume that you already know that you have quality employees because their work ethic is be fantastic and unmatched! I would recommend you acknowledge My Loan officer, Ty for his efforts as a shining example of what a customer wants, expects and probably on occasion demands from your company. Thanks for all of your support!"

Bill J.

"You guys did a great job! I appreciate it. It was quick and easy. The whole team did a good job! I will refer anybody I know to Low VA Rates. I appreciate you, thank you!"

Troy K.

"I appreciate your efforts in once again getting me a VA loan with a good rate. I am very happy with the loan and do not plan to take my business elsewhere. So please... Let me say thank you! "

Jay B.

"Nathan was very professional and thorough. He was "right on" with everything we were going to get. Nathan is a pro and will recommend him to my veteran friends."

Steve N.

"I Just wanted to express my thanks to Low VA Rates on the refinance of my VA loan. Especially to Daemon who did an excellent job in this process. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful in obtaining [great] rates. I really appreciate his efforts in obtaining the refinance rate and felt he had our best interest in the entire process. We exchanged many emails and phone conversations during the entire process which made everything about obtaining a mortgage loan a piece of cake. It was a pleasure to do business with Low VA Rates and Daemon and his entire team, again thanks to all of them."

Mickey J.

"I was thoroughly impressed with your company and the service they provided. As you know, after closing a house you receive a plethora of companies asking you to refinance through them. Your company was no different. When I was ready to do so, I picked several companies and researched them. The service you offered had a lot of benefits not offered by others. Even though you did have that one client leaving bad reviews everywhere (the guy trying to buy a condo or something silly such as that). I was impressed by how you handled the situation. To me, you only needed to explain you didn't offer the services and been done with it. But you had several exchanges with the gentleman. That left me with the feeling that you guys were a cut above the other places. I will come back in the future for my mortgage needs and will recommend your services to my other veteran friends. Thank you for a job well done! "

Jerry U.

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my absolute satisfaction with the job that Jake Peterson did for me. Jake was responsible for overseeing two refinance loans for me over the past two years. Jake demonstrated great patience and perserverance during the course of the loan processes as we waited for the rate to become more favorable. I very much appreciate Jake's job knowledge and also the way Jake comes off as just simply seeming like a very nice gentlemen. I give Jake my highest recommendation and would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks a million!"

Ken M.

"I want to take a second to say thank you to you, Nate, and your team for helping me refinance my house. Excellent job was done by all in a very timely and efficient manner!! Kudos to all!"

Bill M.

"I want to thank you to for all the work you put into this refinance. I greatly appreciate it. I will refer anyone I know that might be looking to refinance or buy a home. Thanks again Low VA Rates to you and your staff."

Robert S.

"Working with Nate and his team was a pleasure. The whole process went as Nate said it would. If I know or hear of anyone looking to refinance their mortgage, I will certainly give them your contact information. Once again it was a pleasure doing business with your company."

Marty G.

"Thank you and the staff for helping us and working with us. You handled a very high maintenance customer in an exemplary fashion. You have these Vet's highest laudatory comments. "

Michael N.

"I wanted to thank you for your invaluable assistance during my home loan process. You went above and beyond to help me and made the whole experience pleasant and satisfying. I truly appreciate the professionalism and courtesy you displayed. Because of you, I will recommend my colleagues, friends, family, and coworkers to you."

Kevin S.

"Just a quick note to say thanks for your professional assistance in explaining everything to me and for processing our papers in a timely manner. We signed all the papers today at noon and I have already shared your email address with a couple of folks at work."

Bill M.

"I want to start off by saying that it is always a pleasure working with Low VA Rates. I have gotten a home loan from you all in the past, but I really want to say my experience with Mari Dean this time was top notch. She could not get us approved for the home equity mortgage being that our apprasial came back too low. What she did next blew me away. A month or so after that denial, she emailed me out of the blue to inform me that my wife and I could possibly do another VA Streamline for a lower interest rate and that if I needed her assistance, she'd be available. This news came at a great time due to the holidays coming up nad a planned vacation to Puerto Rico. Needless to say, we were approved and are awaiting our escrow refund. Mari always made it a point to keep us informed during the entire process. She is an excellent loan officer and I recommend her to anyone."

Ezra W.

"This whole thing from start to finish has gone incredibly smooth and we appreciate everything because of that this has been a great experience and I very much look forward to using low VA rates for future business even the notary said that he rarely sees such a neat organized thorough and essentially short sweet and to the point closing packet and it actually made him surprised that he had not heard of your company but I told him that given our experience he might want to recommend your company. I told him to recommend you to his many veteran clients associates and friends."

Jay S.

"Hi, I just wanted to take the time and let you know what a great job Mike Powell and his team from Low VA Rates did with my refinance. They were very diligent, professional and was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. I have a second mortgage and Mr. Powell said the subordinate is usually the hold up (which I had already experienced that In the past) but he would try to speed along the process. The loan closed a lot faster than I expected and I was very pleased with his services! I would definitely do business again!!!"

Vicky R.

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