10 Modern Weapons That Kick Butt!

It’s simply amazing to see the inventions and firepower that our modern era has provided.  Take a look below to see just a few of the kick-ass weapons we have decided to feature in this post.  Of course, there are more we could cover, but we had to be a bit selective or this post could go on for days.  If you like it, share it!

1.  XM-25 Airburst

You can run, you can hide but you can’t get away from the smart bullets propelled by the XM-25 rifle. Equipped with a revolutionary microchip-embedded in the 25mm ammunition itself and an onboard ballistic computer and laser rangefinder, the user can program the bullet to detonate at precise distances, causing an airborne spray of shrapnel in all directions. Developed by Alliance Techsystems, this is a weapon of proximity and designed to kill hostiles that are hidden behind barricades or around the corner of a building.

2.  Predator UAV

The military is an advocate of working smarter rather than harder. Predator UAV’s are unmanned planes that can be flown via satellite from hundreds or thousands of miles from the point of conflict. Earning the nickname of “death from above,” these planes are armed with laser-guided “hellfire” missiles and bombs and able to target and kill hostiles from the sky by way of infrared cameras. The planes can fly for up to 40 hours at a time and because they are unmanned, the pilots can be rotated to keep them fresh during even the longest missions.

3.  M32 Multi Grenade Launcher

When it comes to handheld havoc, this unique grenade launcher is as effective as it gets. The cartridge has low-pressure chamber that causes virtually no sound and minimal kickback, all while being able to launch six 40mm grenades in less than 3 seconds time (18 rounds in under a minute). Equipped with “hellhound” fragmentation grenades with a kill range of 10 meters, this weapon is lethal from 440 yards away from the target. The hand-cannon also allows for attachable cameras and infrared flares for versatility and added protection against the enemy.


An acronym for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, these mobile missile launchers are pure power and potency. One of the newest members of the multiple-launch rocket system family (MLRS), these units offer extreme firepower and accuracy, all on a wheeled chassis. Making them even more impressive is the fact that the rockets are laser-guided for pinpoint precision that can land a missile through the window of one house without hitting the other.

5.  AC130 Gunship

Call it the big brother in the sky but the AC130 Gunship is a fully loaded airplane that is used primarily for close air support, air interdiction and force protection. Just like the video game, these planes are loaded with Vulcan cannons, 20mm Gatling guns, 105mm howitzers and a host of other artilleries that can deliver an enormous blow on anything in its sites. Whether it be used for escorting convoys, supporting ground troops or defending an air base, these machines are very protective of their territory and not to be messed with.


Though they are considered the Mother of All Bombs, this acronym actually stands for Massive Ordnance Air Blast. Second, only to the nuclear bomb, the makers cared less about shrapnel and focused more on the damaging effects of the bomb’s blast itself. Equipped with 18,000 pounds of explosives and considered the largest guided weapon ever created, this bomb’s effective blast radius is an unparalleled 150 yards.

7.  GE Quadruped

Though this may not be a weapon of a destructive nature, this robotic pack-mule deserves its day because of the support it offers soldiers on the battlefield. Currently being tested in Afghanistan, this machine is a durable version of man’s best friend and a magnificent representation of modern marvels. While an ATV may be able to haul equipment all the same, good luck trying to roll one of these Quadrupeds.

8.  Corner Shot

The concept is simple but the benefits of this innovation are extensive. Rather than face head-on gunfire, this modified gun is hinged and allows the user to shoot sideways when facing forward. The benefit is obvious; soldiers can stand in protection behind building walls while firing the weapon accurately through a camera that is attached to the barrel. In addition, the creator argues that it allows the soldier to make a calculated firing decision while in safety rather than being forced to fire chaotic survival shots. Available as pistols, rifles and rocket launchers, this weapon is all about keeping the soldiers as safe as can be while delivering a deadly blow to the opposition.

9.  DREAD Weapon System

Taking the concept of the machine gun to the next level, the DREAD weapon system is a vast improvement on the classic. Because it is powered by electrical energy, this unique gun can fire 120,000 rounds per minute that are only 1/3 of an inch apart without sound, recoil, flash or a heat signature. The amazing benefit of these stealth qualities is that it can provide cover fire for troops without lighting like a beacon for return fire.

10.  Redback 40mm Weapon System

This multi-barrel weapon is a power-packed multitasker with a mean streak. Using 40mm rounds, it is controlled remotely and able to target attack multiple targets with the various munitions at a stellar range of 5,000 meters. Because it is somewhat nimble and can be fitted to most any vehicle, the system is most commonly used for vehicle and convoy protection as well as intercepting rockets. It’s a rather compact unit but it delivers when needed.

5 thoughts on “10 Modern Weapons That Kick Butt!

  1. This is so SICK! I served in the Army for eight years, deployed twice and I have to say this is a sweet compilation of military technology. Wish I would have had this stuff instead of my POS Beretta M9.

  2. @myutahccw Thanks for the comment. Glad we could provide some SICK info to you. Thank you for your service and glad you are safe and sound!

  3. Um the Army’s future soldier program is an utter failure due to the weight of all the equipment, and the Germans had a shoot-around-the-corner Stg44 back in WWII, also the Russians built the largest non-nuclear bomb in the “Father of all bombs…” i.e. this is clearly not sick but rather horsedick

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