Comparing VA Refinance Lenders

If you're thinking about getting a VA refinance, you might be wondering which lender you should go with and if there's really that much of a difference between them. At Low VA Rates, we try to stand out above the crowd. We do our best to go above and beyond what other lenders do. If you want to see the difference, check out the lists below to see where we excel compared to other potential lenders you could work with.

Comparison Table of VA Refinance Lenders


Low VA Rates

  • Lower FICO score requirement*
  • No appraisal on IRRRLs unless paying discount points
  • Willing to finance manufactured & modular homes
  • Follows VA guidelines for loans after bankruptcy
  • May approve refinances even with a history of late payments

*Low VA Rates does not normally have a FICO score requirement. However, due to changing investor demands during the coronavirus pandemic, we are temporarily forced to require a minimum FICO score. Hopefully, we should be able to return to our normal no-minimum requirement soon.

Other VA Lenders

  • 640+ minimum FICO usually required
  • May require an appraisal regardless of points
  • Only finances traditionally built homes
  • Has longer wait time requirements for loans after bankruptcy
  • Won't refinance loans with late payments in the last year
  • Doesn't offer any financial guarantee

The Low VA Rates Difference

Not every difference is simple enough to fit on a chart, however. In addition to everything listed above, the most important difference between us and other lenders is how we're able to make positive changes in the lives of our borrowers. And that's possible because we'd rather focus on offering the loan options that we feel are the best for you, not the ones that are the best for us.

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If you're looking for the most affordable VA loan available from a trustworthy and reputable lender, then Low VA Rates is the place to look. We do our best to offer VA loans that follow the VA's guidelines, without adding on our own restrictions and fees.

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