How Much Can You Save with a VA Home Loan Refinance?

Refinancing your home could help you get a better rate or a more favorable term on your loan.
To find out how different changes might affect your monthly payment, use the calculator below.

Discuss Your Refinance with a Licensed VA Loan Officer

One of our expert LOs can help you understand all of your refinancing options. To connect with one today, you can:

  • Fill out our online request form,
  • Call (866) 569-8272,
  • Or click the green bar at the bottom right of your screen to chat with an agent

†The VA funding fee on your refinance will be affected if you have other VA loans. Additionally, one of the best loans with the lowest funding fee rate is the VA IRRRL.
‡If the VA pays you 10% or more disability, they will waive the funding fee.

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