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VA Refinance Options

How does the VA refinance program work?

There are two main types of VA refinance loans: the VA streamline loan (or IRRRL) and the VA cash-out loan.

However, in addition to these two loans, there is also the VA energy efficient mortgage (EEM), which does not exist on its own, but can be added on to either the IRRRL or the cash-out.

Overview of the VA IRRRL

The VA IRRRL is a loan that's best suited for someone who already has a VA loan. It's also a great fit for anyone looking to quickly and effortlessly lower their interest rate and save money on their monthly mortgage payment. However, it's not a great option if you want to get cash out of your home's equity.

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Overview of the VA cash-out loan

If you want to consolidate debt, make non-energy efficient home improvements, get money for a family vacation, or move from a non-VA loan into a VA loan, then the cash-out refinance option is the right choice. However, it does take longer to complete and requires an appraisal, income verification, and credit check.

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IRRRL vs. Cash-Out Refinance

Funding Fee 0.5% 2.3% or 2.6%
Original loan can be non-VA No Yes
Can get cash back No Yes
Needs a home appraisal No Yes
Get a lower interest rate Yes Yes
Home must be your primary residence No Yes

Does refinancing make sense for you?

While the answer for this question will vary based on your exact situation, there are three main things that can help guide you in the right direction when trying to decide if you should get a VA loan:

  1. You Have a Goal: You should only get a refinance if you know what you want out of it, whether that's using cash to pay off your credit card debt or lowering your interest rate and mortgage.
  2. You Know the Current Climate: No, we don't mean the weather. We mean the climate of the mortgage industry, which refers to things like what rates are like, what the economy is like, etc.
  3. You Want to Keep the Home: In most instances, you should only refinance if you plan on owning the home for at least a few more years, that way you can recoup the closing costs.

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