Section 2

VA Loans 101

An overview of the VA loan program and how it works.


Lesson 2.1

What Is a VA Loan, and How Does It Work?

VA home loans are available to select people in the United States. In this lesson, we'll explain exactly what they are, the types of VA loans available, and how they work.


Lesson 2.2

Buying a House with a VA Purchase Loan

If you want to buy a home with a VA loan, you need to know what types of homes are allowed and how you can expect the process to go. We'll cover both of these topics in this lesson.


Lesson 2.3

Refinancing Your Home with a VA Loan

One day you might want to refinance your new home with a VA loan. Discover what your different options will be and what you'll need to do in order to qualify.


Lesson 2.4

VA Loan Benefits & Advantages

VA loans are an incredibly unique loan option, with many benefits that aren't available with other loan types. We'll explore all of these various advantages so you can understand why a VA loan could be the right choice for you.


Lesson 2.5

Service Eligibility Requirements for VA Loans

Only those who have served in the US military can qualify for a VA loan. We go over what all of these service requirements are so you can see if you're eligible.


Lesson 2.6

VA Loan Qualifications & Requirements

In order to buy a home, you will also need to qualify financially based on your employment history, income, DTI, credit history, and more. We'll explore all the details of each of these different financial requirements.


Lesson 2.7

All About the Certificate of Eligibility

The first step to determining your eligibility for a VA loan is getting a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Find out what this document covers, why it matters, and how to request it.


Lesson 2.8

Closing Costs for VA Loans

All home loans—VA loans included—come with closing costs. Before you buy a house, make sure you understand what these costs are and that you know which ones are (or are not) allowed on a VA loan.


Lesson 2.9

The VA Funding Fee

One of the closing costs unique to VA loans is the VA funding fee. Learn what this fee is, how much it costs, and why it's an important part of the VA home loan program.


Lesson 2.10

VA Loan Limits

VA loan limits used to play an important role for all VA home loans. In this article, we'll explain exactly what they are and how they're affected by the amount of your entitlement from the VA.


Lesson 2.11

VA Loans vs. Other Loan Types

Veterans can potentially qualify for any loan program out there. To help you see why they're the best, we compare them to the other three types of home loans: conventional, FHA, and USDA.


Lesson 2.12

VA Loan Interest Rates: An Overview

Low interest rates are a big part of getting an affordable mortgage. In this section, we'll explain why rates for VA loans are often lower, why you should shop for your rate, and the importance of locking a great rate when you find it.

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