Chris Craig

Loan Officer - NMLS #895875

Chris loves working at Low VA Rates. He enjoys a good story and a laugh and just about always has a smile for you, even on his worst day.

Chris hails from Corona, California and has been doing loans since 2011. He started doing loans as an apprentice to his brother in law, Ryan Johnson. Ryan was one of the highest ranked VA loan officers in the country and taught Chris most all of what he knows. He learned to speak Spanish during a humanitarian mission that he took to Mexico City, Mexico for two years. After his mission, Chris graduated from Utah Valley University where he studied business. He enjoys traveling to new places and plans on surfing off of the coast of every continent with the great exception of Antarctica.

Chris takes great pride in being able to serve our veterans. His commitment and attention to your VA loan is a direct result of his belief that every person deserves his best.

Attention Applicants

We need you to upload the following documents to us as soon as possible. Once you complete the application under my profile picture, please send me the following by using the contact form on this page:

  • Signed Authorization Form (download here)
  • Copy of your mortgage Note (example can be seen here). You would have received this at your last loan closing.
  • Copy of your home owners insurance declarations page. You may also just email me the contact number and name for your insurance agent.
  • Copy of each borrowers driver’s license. If your social security number is not listed on this ID then I will need your SS card(s)
  • Copy of your mortgage statement or online print out for the month. (Does not need to be the most recent, but that is preferred)
  • If a FL, NM, OH or TX property a copy of your property survey (example can be seen here). You would have received this at your last loan closing.
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