US Military Spending Surpasses That of Other Countries

When it comes to the United States military, no cost is too great. The US spends more on its military than the forces of China, the UK, France and Russia combined. Although this may seem to be in excess for the protection of the people and the control of US interests, some of the costs are justifiably high.

While there may be several costs that could be cut in order to reduce overall spending, some things may be unavoidable.


Technology Isn’t Cheap


The US develops and employs a great deal of technology in the military to give it superior firepower and capabilities. Unfortunately, this technology is expensive and drives the costs of equipment higher. In some instances, the developer of a certain piece of equipment may increase the price for the sake of making more money. Most people that have dealings with the US government can attest to how lucrative a military contract can be.


In 2009, the US spent more than twice the amount of what the remaining top four countries spent on their military forces. While the world’s economic problems were increasing so were the budgets for the military. In fact, most of the top 10 countries increased their military budget despite social unrest and financial collapse. In most cases, the expenses were justified by stating that the government needed to protect its interests abroad.


When Is It Too Much Spending?


Although the military is necessary in order to stave off advancements from unfriendly countries, when is the spending considered excessive? Instead of using the money to help the lower and middle class, the government believed its citizens needed more protection. As of 2009, the US accounts for nearly one- third of all military spending across the entire planet.

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Infographic comparing budgets and spending for military across the world.

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