Why I Love Working at Low VA Rates

The People and Environment of Low VA Rates

We recently asked our team, How are we doing at work? The following was written by a Pipeline Manager of our VA Loan Closing Department- Lauren Clark.

Lauren Clark“I love working at Low VA Rates because of the people and the environment.  When I started here, I was a mom who was just returning back to the workforce in a field in which I had not previously been.  I was worried that my fellow employees would expect me to know everything right away.  But they didn’t!  Instead, they have helped me to learn everything they know and have been patient when teaching me new tasks.  I have a wonderful boss who really cultivates a team atmosphere in our department.  My co-workers treat everyone courteously and with respect.  One of my co-workers has established “Food Friday” in our department where we all bring something from home and share it with the team.  I love that I enjoy coming to work each day.

I also appreciate that when I have a concern, I feel I can talk with my boss one-on-one and have my opinion heard.  For example, when I first started working, I found myself doing the same task for a large percentage of my day at work.  After a while, I realized I wanted to expand my horizons and learn more about the mortgage industry.  I approached my boss and discussed my thoughts with her, and she arranged for some changes to be made the next day.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t also mention the kindness that was shown to me and my family when my one-year-old son was in the hospital for three days.  The company sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a vase and a note wishing my son well.  My boss never hassled me about taking time off of work to be with my son in the hospital.  Everyone at Low VA Rates was extremely supportive during that time.  Even after I returned to work, the HR Manager came and asked me how my son was doing and if everything was back to normal.  I was so extremely grateful that Low VA Rates allowed me to take care of my family first and not worry about work in such a critical time.

On a lighter note, Low VA Rates has some pretty awesome perks.  I love the monthly company-wide potlucks the company hosts.  There are also some events about once a quarter where the employees all get together outside of work and go to a company-paid baseball game or something along those lines.  I also have to mention the free soda and Red Bull.  I am not much into Red Bull, but a lot of people here are, and they sure notice if it temporarily runs out.    I am a big fan of Diet Dr. Pepper, and I definitely enjoy coming in each day knowing I have a little “treat” waiting for me as I dive into loan files and Google Docs.

That brings up a final thing I love about working for Low VA Rates.  There are in-office contests all the time!  For example, last week the CEO, Eric Kandell, held a contest where he asked everyone in the office to get to know three fellow employees.  I really appreciated the opportunity to get to know some of the people who I email regularly but had never actually met in person.  I met a loan processor I pass by on the way to my desk Low VA Rates Squaredevery morning.  She gave me a tip that I now put into effect when handling new tasks.  She told me that as soon as she gets a new assignment, she writes it down on a “to-do” list so that she doesn’t forget any of the details.  Then she prioritizes her list according to what is most urgent.  Though I didn’t win anything in the contest, I was glad to have a reason to meet some more of the great people who work here.

For all these reasons, I love being an employee at Low VA Rates.  I look forward to moving up in this company and establishing a career here.



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  1. Lauren Clark was very helpful when it came time to refinance my home. She was knowledgeable and patient when it came to answering any questions that I had. I highly recommend her.

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