Why I Love Living in Patriotic Utah

I have lived in Utah for the past 16 years and love it here.  I have to tell you though, my roots are back in the midwest in the great state of Ohio!  That is right; I grew up in good old Buckeye land and then moved to Utah in my college years and have lived here ever since.

I could write all sorts of paragraphs and pages on why I love living in Utah, but I won’t bore you today with all of that.  What I want to share however, is why I think this state is great and primarily as it relates to pride in one’s country and patriotism.

Just two days ago I had the opportunity to hit up one or Utah county’s Mexican grocery markets; which is one of the reasons I love living here.  We have a great Latin culture among us and some great food.  While visiting this market I was accompanied by a childhood friend from Ohio who actually lives out here too.  As we were driving to the market he asked me, “Have you ever noticed how many American flags there are in this state?”  We had just drove by a car dealership (Ford-American made, I mind you) and right smack in the front of the dealership was an American flag that was bigger than most state capitol flags!  I concurred with my buddy that yes I was aware and that I loved it!

I explained to him that in my neighborhood along with many other communities in Utah, that I had paid $30 in a donation to the Boy Scouts of America and in return the scouts hung a flag in my front yard on all US holidays.  I told him there was nothing better than driving home at night and seeing literally 30-40 houses all sporting and honoring the American flag.  My friend said that is was a major contrast to his time in San Francisco, CA.  The cool thing is that my friend who I feel leans a bit left when it comes to political views, had nothing negative to say about all the flags!  He did not necessarily trash talk his time in CA but mentioned you would never see that there.

So is the fact that Utahns sport the American flag a reason to live here?  Sure it is; this is just one example of the extreme patriotism that exists here.  Now if you don’t like seeing US flags everywhere, then don’t move here.  I love this great country and I love Utah.  If I were a retired military veteran or active duty service member and I had the chance to move to Utah, I would do it!

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From my office window right now I have the pleasure of seeing 3 businesses flying the US Flag!  Love it!

One thought on “Why I Love Living in Patriotic Utah

  1. Eric.. u are the coolest and i am so proud of the man u have become.. u always had a good head on ur shoyulders and helped oyut whoever needed u. I am sooo glad u are so patriotic and support the veterans with providing service to themand families.. when u comming home to Ohio.. we all miss ya and ur beautiful family.. God’s blessings and prayers,


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