Why I am grateful for the service of our troops!

I have often wondered why someone would willingly leave behind their families, their friends— basically their life—to serve their country. Why would someone “volunteer” to get deployed for a year or two and put themselves in such danger? A lot of troops serve their country way beyond that time span. Others for their entire life. I have concluded that their bravery, their honor, and their vision and sacrifice for America and our freedom runs deeper than a lot of people can comprehend. I believe soldiers have such a profound gratitude for the freedom of our Nation and their loved ones that they can’t help but serve our country.

I have also tried to imagine what life would be like if we couldn’t enjoy the freedoms we have. What if it didn’t exist in our country? What if we didn’t have men and women who were willing to enlist in the army today? It would be a disservice to those veterans who served in the past, who fought for their lives and freedom with many dying in the process.

I’m in awe when I think of the soldiers who trust in and rely so heavily on those they serve with. Their lives lie in the hands of the person next to them. I’m amazed at the strength and resilience of these forces. Their unity must be a great thing to experience, just as we citizens of our country must be united and take care of each other. We too must do our part.

I believe in Freedom. I believe in the right to choose. I believe in self-government, the right to bear arms in self defense, and free conscience. The right to free speech, a fair trial, and to assemble. I believe in the right to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor and to provide nature’s necessities. I believe in a United Country (hence, the “United States of America”). I believe in our Soldiers to help us accomplish and sustain this. I also deem that we as citizens have certain duties we are held to—both public and private. Such duties include not stealing, being honest in all our doings, abide the laws of the land, to provide for and protect our families, and of course to help those who are less fortunate, in need and sick. We as citizens need to become economically independent. We need to participate in our society, vote, volunteer, and be family-oriented. Doing these things will help our soldiers keep our country strong and standing. They can’t do it alone.

In today’s world it is starting to become more real to me the way our government and economy is going. And I, like many others, have had an awakening of how truly grateful I am for those men and women who are willing to stand and fight those who dare take our liberty and our rights from us. It has taken me a while to understand what independence means to me personally, but I am now forever changed by it. My appreciation for the thousands and millions of troops who serve now and who have served in the past runs deep. We need to show this appreciation more, not just on Veteran’s Day. They need and deserve that.

I am so proud to be an American. We are all truly blessed to live in this great country. Our soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors are a force for good in the world. This really is the land of the free because of the brave. Let’s not forget that. I am grateful for troops who protect our freedom, who create our freedom, and who support our freedom.

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