What Sort of Jobs Do Veterans Excel At? The Top 10

This list is continued from a previous article, where we covered the first three jobs on the list: Administrative Services Manager, Construction Program Manager, and Emergency Medical Technician. Here we’ll cover the last seven jobs in CareerCast.com’s list of best jobs for Veterans in 2014.


The fourth job is Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver. While not the most glamorous of jobs, many truck drivers thrive on the freedom that driving affords them. Truck Drivers have an average Annual salary of $38,200, which isn’t going to buy you that Lamborghini you’ve always wanted, but will be enough for you to enjoy a comfortable life with your family. CareerCast.com has the following to say about this job: “Many U.S. trucking companies are facing skills gaps, which makes filling vital positions increasingly difficult. Legislation passed in late 2012 is aimed to help the industry meet the 21% growth in trucking industry jobs that the BLS estimated by 2020. The legislation also eases licensing restrictions for service people who have frequently moved, and thus might not otherwise be able to receive state certification.”

Fifth in line we have the Industrial engineering Technician. An Industrial Engineering Technician applies engineering theory and principles to solve problems in an industrial layout or manufacturing production. The Technician is usually supervised by a member of the engineering staff, and often studies and records time, motion, method, and speed in regards to the operations of the factory or plant. The Technician plays an important role in establishing standard production rates and improving efficiency. An Industrial Engineering Technician provides an annual average salary of $50,890 and can also be great experience to leverage an engineering degree after you’ve completed school.

Number six is an Industrial Production Manager. According to America’s Job Exchange, An Industrial Production manager is “Responsible for managing and directing production activities within an industrial facility or organization. Coordinates the production of goods, ensures machines are repaired and running smoothly, and manages workers on production line.” This job makes the list because it’s compatible with many of the skills that veterans take with them after discharge, as well as the renewed emphasis on the manufacturing industry as part of the economic recovery, which makes for a good deal of openings in this industry. The average IPM makes $89,910 annually.

The seventh job in the list is a Paralegal and legal Assistant. These make an average salary of $46,990 and are often a great fit for veterans because of a good deal of on-the-job training during military service and because the field is expected to grow by 17% by the year 2020. Paralegals are the direct assistants to an attorney, and their main job is to assist the lawyer however necessary. Paralegal’s carry out legal research, draft legal documents, prepare cases when assigned, and can assist in carrying out investigations in relation to a case. A paralegal may also interview witnesses and also perform administrative duties.

Job number eight is a Software Engineer. Software Engineers make a good deal of money with an average annual salary of $85,430, and often love their job quite a bit. With the growth of information technology, computer science, software development, and other technology-related jobs in the armed forces, more and more veterans are leaving the military with extensive experience and training that many software companies find extremely valuable.

Number nine is a Telecommunications Equipment Installer and Repairer. This job has a very long name, but it is very appropriate to many veterans leaving the military. It has a fair average salary of $54,530, and veterans with telecommunications experience are a shoe-in. CareerCast offers this to say about this job: “Each branch of the military deal
s with the most sophisticated telecommunications equipment in the world. The technicians charged with installing and maintaining this equipment enter the workforce with unparalleled insight and applied knowledge which typically exceeds the skills offered by recent college graduates who lack this real-world experience.”

And last but not least, number 10 is a Training and Development Manager. America’s Job Exchange describes a TDM as follows: “Responsible for creating and implementing training programs and overseeing the development of careers. Sets performance metrics, evaluates productivity, and helps workers create long-term career plans within an organization.” A TDM has an average annual salary of $95,400, making it the most lucrative job in the list.

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