VA Streamline Rates Fall To 4.25%

The housing market is very weak. As a result, people are defaulting on their mortgages and filing bankruptcy. All of these actions result in the economy weakening. So, what’s the federal government doing about it? They’re starting with their veterans by offering a VA streamline mortgage that can save you hundreds of dollars every single month.

If you are a veteran and have a mortgage that’s financed through a VA loan, then you can qualify for this loan. Think of the possibilities – a mortgage designed just for you, all because you’ve served your country. It’s a great benefit that you should take advantage of.

As long as your current interest rate is higher than 5%, then you stand to save a significant amount of money. Regardless of whether your current interest rate is fixed or variable, the streamline mortgage loan can be the answer you’re looking for.

The streamline mortgage is also referred to as interest rate reduction refinancing loan. The difference between this loan and the other refinancing loans that are on the market is that this is designed for veterans. Other loan companies may be able to offer a great interest rate, but it could be temporary. As soon as the market turns around, that rate that was saving you money could skyrocket, leaving you powerless to do anything about it. The VA streamline mortgage, however, is a permanent, low rate. This means that you’re locked into the low VA rate – currently as low as 4.25%.

An interest rate reduction of only 1% is enough to save you hundreds of dollars. For every 1% that you reduce your current interest rate by, you can save anywhere from $100 and $600, all dependent on the amount your loan is for. This amount of money can dramatically affect your cash flow and personal finances. Think of what you can do with a couple hundred dollars a month – you can pay off other debt, go on vacation, or create a comfort zone from your bills.

The VA streamline mortgage loan is something you can’t afford not to do. There is no out of pocket expense because pre-paid and closing costs can be rolled into the new loan amount. Other companies require you to pay that up front. The process is easy and it’s simple to qualify for. Getting the loan could change the way you’re living, all because you took advantage of the benefits that are given to you because of being a veteran.

All across America, people are struggling. The interest rate reduction loan is an opportunity to get you and the rest of the economy, back on track.

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