VA Streamline Interest Rates Hit an all Time Low

If you have a VA loan with an interest rate that is higher than 4.75% fixed rate you really need to keep reading.


For years, industry experts have told homeowners to quit sitting on the fence and to pull the refinance trigger. This has not been flawed or incorrect guidance from our real estate industry experts. The truth is nobody could have seen interest rates going any lower than they have been in recent past. The chart above shows that we have been sitting at historical lows for the past few years.

Now if you are one of those few that for some odd reason did not refinance at the behest of your family, friends, and financial advisors then please stop the insanity now and take advantage of these extremely low interest rates.

If you did refinance in the past there is still hope for you too! Rates are currently so extremely low that we have clients that have refinanced in 2003, again in 2007 and now again in 2010! If it makes sense to refinance then do it. There are no limitations to hold you back on taking advantage of the program.

If you are an active or retired military service member and have a VA loan on your home now then please consider the VA streamline refinance. These are some of the easiest loans there are for the borrower. Some of the many benefits of this streamline refinance are:

· No appraisal needed

· No income or employment documentation needed

· Fast processing times

· No mortgage payment needed for the next two months

· Save hundreds every month on your monthly payment

This loan can save you so much money, and the best part is, with Low VA Rates the process is virtually done for you! We try to get it done fast and easy with as little work as possible on your end. This means a stress-free process for you and more time to spend on the things you love, instead of worrying about your loan process.

Call Now and speak to an experienced VA loan agent. There is no obligation, it is pain-free and we commit that it will take no more than 2 minutes to see how much you can save.

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