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LowVARates has put a lot of time and energy as of late to solidify their place in the online universe as a leader in online videos about VA loans.  Statistics show that online video sites like YouTube are the future of the online search arena and this is a main reason why Google has purchased YouTube.  Think about it.  If you needed information on how to get a VA loan with no closing costs, would you rather read pages and pages of content or watch a video? Video wins 96.7% of the time, -don’t actually quote me on that percentage, I made it up- but it still rings true, Our society is full of Visual learners, these are individuals who like to visualise what they are learning instead of simply hearing some information spewed at them. What better way to help a visual learner than by watching a quick video? Videos appeal to multiple learning types as well and are proven to stick with you longer than if you just read or heard the information.

We have all sorts of VA Loan videos on our site to help prospective VA home buyers and existing VA loan holders alike.  In addition to watching the videos on our site, we invite you to follow us on YouTube by clicking here. Then you will be able to have instant access to the videos we produce and you will be able to learn more about us, our company, and VA Loans in general!

Here  is a list of some of our Top Videos, Check them out, we like them and we think you will too! We also feel they will be of great worth as you try to become more educated in the field of VA home mortgage loans.


Insider Secrets to the VA Streamline

How to pay off debt with a VA Hybrid Streamline

Understanding the VA Hybrid

Why a VA Loan to Purchase a Home

Using VA home loan benefits for buying or refinance your home is something more and more eligible military families and veterans are doing.  It is the goal of LowVARates to make using these VA home loan benefits a reality for all of those that are eligible.

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