Unemployment and Veterans by the Numbers

Not All Veterans Are Furloughed With Marketable Skills


Although the unemployment rate in the United States is decreasing, there are still an alarming number of unemployed veterans with no potential job prospects. This isn’t always the fault of these individuals, but it could be the fault of the government itself. A soldier can acquire many skills and a great deal of knowledge while in the military, but a large portion of this may not be marketable in the private sector.


While a 6.6 percent unemployment rate sounds low to some people, consider the sheer number of out- of-work veterans. This means that nearly three-quarters of a million veterans now living as civilians are unemployed. The worst impact has been to those aged 45 through 49 as the rate increased by 7.5 percent over a very short amount of time. Because many companies are looking for younger employees, this age group has a more difficult time trying to land a job that can pay the bills and raise a family.


Can More Be Done to Help Veterans after Service?


Many programs help veterans get on their feet after being released from service. However, it may not be enough. There was a rise in unemployment for post-9/11 Gulf War service men and women in 2012.

All other wars and military actions saw a decrease. Could this signify that those serving today are coming home to a lack of opportunities, or can this be explained simply by the passage of time? Those in previous conflicts have had time to adapt and find jobs, whereas those leaving the services today have not.


Unemployment can be viewed as a catch-22 situation for the economy. There’s not enough spending to warrant hiring new employees, but there is no money to spend because people don’t have jobs. As more soldiers are returning home, it leaves one to wonder if the unemployment rates will climb. Without social support, troops returning home may find it difficult to afford to raise a family.

The latest numbers on unemployment rates for Veterans are looking positive. The overall unemployment rate among Veterans is 6.6% which is much lower than national unemployment rates, though higher than many would like leaving roughly 720,000 Veterans unemployed. Check out the full details below.

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Veteran Unemployment Rates and Statistics
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