Why We Work with Veterans- Loan Officer Speaks

I have done mortgage loans for nearly 7 years now.  Every different type, kind and term.  I feel most gratified though when I have the opportunity to work with and complete VA loans for veterans.

There is something special about those who have served our country.  They have put their life on the line for me and I feel a sense of gratitude for that.  For example, last year in 2008 I helped refinance a commander in the Army.  He has been in the army for 22 years.  Rates dropped so far this year 2009 that we refinanced his VA loan again with a VA streamline.  Since doing his loan this time we have stayed in touch and have done some catching up.  It was great to talk again about his goals, and I recently sent him an email with some pictures of our new baby.  He responded right back to the email with an update on his family too.

Helping veterans take advantage of the VA’s loan programs is a small benefit offered to those who have served in our armed forces.  I get excited about helping veterans finally use this program, something not available to regular civilians.  I feel proud to have helped with part of their fulfillment of dreams to own a home when I can help with their loan.  Home ownership has for decades been the hallmark of the American Dream.

I also really enjoy getting to know each veteran borrower and where they have came from, how their service in the military has changed their life, where they have traveled and served and what goals they are currently pursuing to get them the best loan to meet their needs.  Finally, I feel connected personally to my veteran borrowers because of the freedom they and those that have gone before them have offered me.  When I go camping with my family, set off fireworks on the 4th of July or even go down to the grocery store and just buy food to make dinner I often contemplate the freedom I have to come and go and do the things I please here in America.  Those freedoms have been purchased on the backs of our nations military.  And so I feel a great connection and a great respect for those I am able to serve in a small way by providing home loan services that meet their needs and expectations.

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  1. It amazes me when people tell me that “MY adjuster said he/she would pay a certain amount of dollars for my total home loss. But the value of my home is more than what the adjuster is now saying he/she will pay me. What can I do?” LISTEN TO THIS, and I say this kindly, THAT ADJUSTER DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU!!!! Don’t get confused about who is working for whom, because they WANT you to “feel” that they are looking out for your best interest, when they really are NOT.

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