2017's Top VA Loan Officers Released: Low VA Rates Snags 23 Spots

Robin Kocherhans Robin Kocherhans / Published Apr 19, 2018, 4:49 PM

23 loan officers from Low VA Rates made the Scotsman Guide's list of top VA loan officers

At the end of March, the Scotsman Guide released their annual list of the top loan officers in a variety of categories, including VA loans.

Out of the thousands of loan officers that submitted, only a few hundred made these lists. For the ranking of VA loan officers, only 75 spots were available, and nearly a third of those spots were claimed by those employed by us here at Low VA Rates. (Check out our press release for more info!)

We're proud of these 23 loan officers. Their hard work and dedication to helping veterans access their home loan benefits deserves to be recognized.

We're also proud to be the employer of such fantastic people. At Low VA Rates, we cultivate a work environment that emphasizes getting results and going the extra mile. This kind of culture is what helps so many of our loan officers to succeed.

But, more importantly, behind each loan that helped them rank are the individuals they have helped. The veterans and their families who have been able to afford the home of their dreams. The servicemembers who now have more money each month because we helped them refinance their mortgage.

To each of these veterans who chose to work with one of these 23 loan offers, we want to say thank you. Thank you for your service. Thank you for business. And thank you for your confidence in us and our team.

And thank you to each of the 23 loan officers who made the Scotsman Guide rankings. You have represented us well, and we're honored to have you as part of our Low VA Rates family. We hope you continue to diligently serve those who first served us.

The 23 Loan Officers in the Scotsman Guide

Ryan Sawyer – 1 David Walke – 26 Lance Yates – 50
Rob Peterson – 4 Adam Lindquist – 34 Colby Jones – 52
Jaren Ahlmann – 8 Porter Perkins – 35 Blake Law – 53
Brian Heaton – 14 Curtis Price – 37 Jed Hardman – 54
Kevin Spradlin – 19 Corey Higgins – 44 Andrew Cromwell – 57
Eric Liljenquist – 22 Dan Gardner – 45 Zac Griffith – 58
Mark Francis – 23 Nathan Wathen – 46 Eric Jorgensen – 61
Mike Powell – 25 Ashley Kelly – 47