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    Every country needs the support of a strong military to protect its rights and citizens at the same time. In order for that military to thrive though, it needs the support of its country in return. The internet may seem like a silly place to find encouragement for the armed forces, but there is an entire community of military bloggers who are trying to help in whatever way they can. We have put together a list of military blogs that we think you will enjoy.  The following list contains 50 top-quality military-related blogs written by soldiers and the people they fight for.

    Note that these blogs are not ranked by importance. Each site has its own merit and value on the web.

    Army Blogs

    • Army Live: This is the “official blog of the United States Army,” featuring late-breaking news, leadership tips, training guides, and more. It also includes a gallery of army photos so families can view their loved ones overseas.
    • Armed with Science: This blog is designed to inform people about the latest innovations in military technology and scientific discovery.
    • Defense Centers of Excellence Blog: This is part of the DCOE website, which helps soldiers who have suffered from traumatic brain injury and psychological health issues.
    • Military Health Systems Blog: A general health resource center for soldiers with medical concerns.
    • From the Green Notebook: This blog is written by an Army Major who covers everything  from values to leadership to professional discourse.
    • Bouhammer’s Afghan & Military Blog: A retired Army First Sergeant writes about military operations in the Middle East in this blog. You’ll also probably read a bit about security and politics here.
    • Army Strong Stories: This is a portal for people to share stories about their experiences in the army or with a soldier in the family. Consider it a giant support group on the web.
    • My Army Reserve: This is a blog for the citizen soldiers still living and training in the U.S.
    • Highlander’s Post: This blog features articles written by and for soldiers stationed in Iraq.

    Navy Blogs

    • Navy Live: This is the official blog of the U.S. Navy, featuring photos, training tips, and fun facts related to this branch of the armed forces.
    • Naval History Blog: This blog goes over the history of the navy and how it came to be.
    • Navy Cyber Space: This is a general blog that features great news, links, and information related to the Navy.
    • Navy Girl: This blog is dedicated to the women in the Navy.
    • Wharf Rat’s Home - A Shipmate Who Never Made It to Sea: This blog covers Navy news, including port changes and posts of ships.
    • The Stupid Shall Be Punished: This blog is run by a naval officer who focuses every post specifically on submarine activities and developments.
    • Eagle Speak: This blog is written by a veteran Navy Reserve Captain and Attorney. You’ll read about issues in the Navy and various security over waters.
    • Steeljaw Scribe: This blog is run by a former naval flight officer who spent 26 years on the force.
    • Doc in the Box: This blog is run by a navy corpsman just voicing his opinion about the world.
    • The Goatlocker: this blog is run by a Chief Petty Officer who offers a range of interesting information on the navy.

    Marines Blogs

    • Actions Not Words: This blog is run by Dakota Meyer, a former marine who was awarded a Medal of Honor in 2011.
    • Small Wars Journal: This blog is run by a group of marines who talk about news, current events, special stories, and more.
    • The Sandgram: This blog is run by a marine officer with more than 26 years of service under his belt.
    • Information Dissemination: This blog is designed to help members of the marines discuss strategies with one another.
    • Leatherneck: This blog provides news commentary and posts on Marine events.
    • The Thunder Run: This blog goes over important information about the U.S. Marines right from the home front.
    • Write on the Right: This blog is run by a marine officer who’s just voicing his opinion to the world.

    Air Force Blogs

    • Air Force Live: This is the official blog of the U.S. Air Force, posting important news, dates, and success stories related to the military.
    • Air Force Magazine: This magazine blog will tell you everything you ever want to know about the Air Force and the latest news.
    • Air Force Aid Society: This site is the official charity for the Air Force. It helps provide aid and educational assistance for families in need.
    • Air Force Association Blog: This blog is run by a non-profit organization that discusses the importance of aerospace power in the U.S. National Security.
    • Alert 5: This blog is all about military aviation news.
    • The Air National Guard: This site tells everything you need to know about the Air National Guard.
    • Air Force Voices: This is a general opinion blog related to (but not affiliated with) the U.S. Air Force.
    • The Mudville Gazette: This blog is run by an air force officer and his wife.
    • Emily Roe: This blog is about the general events in the Air Force, written from the perspective of a soldier’s wife.
    • The Air Force Pundit: This blog is run by a captain in the U.S. Air Force Reserve Command.

    Other Military Blogs

    • DOD Live: This is the official blog of the Department of Defense, providing information about all branches of the military.
    • Mil Blogging: This is a giant index of military blogs to read.
    • Argghhh!!!: This blog is run by former armed forces officers who provide funny but valid opinions about the wars in the world.
    • Semper Gratus: This is a site about American pride, meant as a form of support for the troops.
    • The Unknown Soldiers: This site tells the valuable stories of soldiers who aren’t represented in the media.
    • This Ain’t Hell: This blog is run by three people who have served in several facets of the armed forces. It’s slogan is “This ain’t hell, but you can see it from here.”
    • Texas Fred: This blog showcases one man’s opinion about military news and events.
    • Danger Room: This blog discusses important events in national security.
    • In from the Cold: This is a longstanding military blog that goes over anything and everything related to the armed forces.
    • Mountain Runner: This is a blog about public diplomacy that is designed to educate and empower the public.
    • Military Mortgage Center: This is our very own Low VA Rates military blog having to do with all things military and VA mortgage benefit information.
    • United We Are One: This site is dedicated to all military service members and first responders.