Top 5 Reasons Past VA Loan Clients Love Them

We love to help our troops save money on their homes. We have many loan officers that spend countless hours doing that day in and day out.  We all feel that we hear amazing feedback about our services and loan offerings.

Here is one loan officer’s…

Top 5 Reasons Past VA Loan Clients Love Them


  1. I have helped hundreds of veterans either refinance or purchase homes using their eligibility. I think the main attraction to my clients is low-interest rates. Government insured loans on average are more competitively priced than conventional. In the last year, we have seen rates as low as 4.25% fixed.
  2.  No mortgage insurance, unless you have a loan that is under 80% of the appraised value, you will pay PMI (premium mortgage insurance). this is not the case on a VA insured loan, VA homeowners do NOT pay PMI, no matter what your loan to value is.
  3.  The ability to do a streamline refinance on a VA loan is a great sense of security, knowing you can refinance if rates drop without income qualifying and even more important no appraisal, this means if home values drop in your area you can take advantage of current market rates.
  4. 100 percent financing, With today’s struggling economy and banks tightening their lending criteria it is nice to know you can experience the American dream of owning a home with no money down.
  5. Another great component of the VA loan is the fact it’s an assumable loan, this can be a great help when selling your house.

Whichever of these stands out to you we would welcome the opportunity to talk over your options. Give us a call today to get started and see if these 5 help you become more comfortable with you mortgage of if you will find your own. Let’s get started together.

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