Top 5 Jobs After the Military

Low VA Rates Low VA Rates / Published Feb 9, 2017, 8:18 AM

jobs after the military

Military personnel put a lot of effort into being the BEST OF THE BEST. They go through a lot of training to gain the skills they need to accomplish their missions, and many of these skills translate to civilian occupations. The trick is knowing which jobs are best suited for veterans and also knowing how to market yourself. So what’s out there in the job market and what does it pay? Here are the top five jobs after the military according to salary and stability.


1.  Operations or Intelligence Analyst – Median Pay is $65,332 and the top earners are making $100,071.  Your security clearance is the golden ticket to a job with a defense contractor. Having skills in geospatial intelligence or knowing Russian can also help you earn a higher pay when you enter this profession. Intelligence and operations offer a diverse set of opportunities – you could even score an international job if you prefer to travel abroad. The 10-year job growth percent is at 30 percent.

2.  Network Manager – Median pay is $85,492 and the top earners are making $123,766.  You might manage network security systems or work on development, installation, and modification of computer operating systems. Or you might deal with security and telecommunications issues. Almost every industry has jobs to fill. Storage area networking and project management are great skills to have entering this profession. The 10-year job growth is at 8 percent.

3.  Field Service Engineer – Median pay is $64,410 and the top earners are making $87,157. You’ll install, fix, and maintain equipment at sites around the country as well as repair and replace parts. You might also train others. You can work on just about anything that goes into a building or factory. Some skills that can bump up your salary include project management and systems troubleshooting. The 10-year job growth is at 8 percent.

4.  Operations Manager – Median pay is $60,904 and the top earners are making $97,901.  Logistics is a natural for vets, who have a good understanding of supply-chain procedures. There’s a broad range of work choices from warehouses to ports to shipping company hubs. You’ll monitor quality, cost, and efficiency of moving goods from place to place and negotiate with customers and suppliers. Budget management and project management are great skills to have in order to bump up your salary.  The 10-year job growth is at 36 percent.

5.  Training Manager – Median pay is $66,897 and the top earners are making $100,877.  You’ve done this before, leading enlisted personnel through training and team building exercises. Technical trainers focus on equipment and computers. Business trainers touch on everything from procedures to branding. In addition to classroom work, you’ll design and implement programs, as well as research new training techniques. Good skills to have include articulate e-learning software and training program development. The 10-year job growth is at 26 percent.

Every one of these jobs pays above the national average for household income and gets a B+ rating for stability. Every veteran should love what they do and enjoy coming to work every day. The jobs listed above are the perfect fit for many veterans, and one of them could be perfect for you. Hard work and being personable go a long way in job interviews, and remember that since employers select the best candidate for the job, you should work hard to be that person. The best of the best!

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