The Ultimate Underground Bunker Guide

Have you ever found yourself sitting around thinking what you would do if nuclear bombs started flying? Or what about if aliens actually did invade or we had something akin to a Zombie apocalypse?

Imagine having the ultimate bunker hidden safely beneath your home. Better yet, don’t imagine it, see the ultimate guide to just that below in our Ultimate Underground Bunker infographic. Tell us what you’d add in the comments below!

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The Ultimate Nuclear War Bunker Guide for Veterans
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13 thoughts on “The Ultimate Underground Bunker Guide

  1. Wouldn’t the ULTIMATE nuclear war bunker protect against nukes, instead of “just” the radiation from it? That way another aspect would be entirely possible, one which you didn’t think of here: heating. If you had to secure the bunker from nukes, you would have to go deeper than 5 feet as well. Then geothermal heating would most likely be a very efficient way to heat your bunker.

  2. Wouldn’t the waste storage tank being right next to the sleeping quarters be potentially smelly?

  3. I’m sitting here looking at the picture but want to know about purring the air? The air we breath would be full of radiation. Where would the cleaner be? Radiation socks into the ground witch then will contaminate your h2o. Then what about the waste and getting clean water? Do you have a water purifier?

  4. Why isn’t there any Air filtration system to remove the airbourne radioactivity such as beta, alpha and tritium in the air? Also you can’t have your generators spewing smoke and toxins into the bunker.
    Chances are you could be down there for along time, why use a tank for sewage instead of some sort of composting for a garden (which would help with food quantities) or recycling. Waste can be used to generate power.
    You would want some lead as well in the concrete to protect from the Gamma and Neutron radiation, not just concrete.
    Be sure to have a contamination frisker at the entrance to monitor people coming in so they don’t bring radioactive contamination inside the bunker.

  5. I reckon there’s a few issues with this (of course it is all fun and hypothetical, but here are my thoughts none-the-less)
    The gas is kept above the water supply, what if it leaks and contaminates the water?
    Keep the water above gas and use the static head for water pressure instead of having to pump it.
    Collect the methane off the waste tank and put it into the gas tank too.
    Also there is only one exit, and in an emergency it would likely be blocked off by the demolished house.
    Utilise waste heat from the generators for warmth

  6. This “ultimate” nuclear war bunker is riddled with design issues. Wouldn’t the lower levels be supscetible to cave in, considering the lack of structural support? What happens when waste reaches maximum capacity – how are you supposed to haul all that excrement to the surface? Surely there should an easy exit in case of fire? What IS the point of having a house above ground – it seems like you are just inviting “the enemy” to come in and have a place to stay. There is no air purifcation system. No decontamination room. Gas is an unsustainable resource during war – something more renewable would be better. The artist included lights in his/her design, why not geiger and CO counters in every room? There are no doors below the first level.

    Overally, I’d grade it at an F-. Thing looks like an art farm.

  7. I personally would prefer to build in a separate secluded location and not under my house which I believe would be frocked with structural problems not to mention the difficulty of getting it dug out. I have actually been thinking of an underground dome design. Just an acre of land in the country would be enough. I could even do two domes attached by a connecting tunnel. Or for that matter you could have as many as you want and can afford. For power I have been researching biofuels using a deisel genset paired with a deep cycle battery bank. The generator would be rated to handle the load for running the entire facility while also charging the batteries. This is really called a genverter setup. The charging takes approximately 4-6 hrs. while the batteries would last 2 1/2 – 3 days before needing to be recharged, and that would be at about 50%-75% discharge because you don’t want to completely drain them before recharging. The setup would have a switch to alternate between the generator and the batteries automatically. When the batts are at half capacity, the gen. kicks in and when the batts are fully charged the batts take over. Using LED lighting and 12v DC TVs and DC appliances and other carefully selected devices you can achieve great efficiency that’s sustainable. And don’t forget that having a stock of car batteries on hand will allow you to use quite a bit of ingenuity for all sorts of applications. I also think the best way to ensure your water supply is a traditional drilled well and a filtration system and for waste a regular septic tank system. I know that there are air filtration systems that negate almost any hazard but they’re extremely expensive so I’m still researching that.

  8. If/when the bomb hits I hope it lands on the top of my head while I am on my knees praying, so I don’t have to worry about survival and maybe I wake up in heaven instead of inside a bunker. You can’t live forever people, so why act like you can. Do you really want to survive a nuclear war? I would prefer to paint a bulls eye on my roof, and give up right then and there. This is more about fighting the survival instinct inbred in us, and instead accepting the limited control we have on our lives and dealing with its venerability.

  9. I’m a single mom and will not only die for my kids I would survive for them as well. I am new to prepping and on a tight budget hopefully one day I can build us a bunker. I know for sure where our bunker won’t be right under house. I’m with the dude talking about building a dome. Hopefully I’m not too late to start prepping. Maybe one day I can afford to build us a dome to

  10. Everyone who agrees with Patrick is a liberal . . . and thus should definately continue thinking that way so that rebuilding can be left to those who actually thinks survival is important.

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