The Evolution of the War Rifle

From the Brown Bess to the FN Scar, war rifles have been used for many years! Some war rifle names are well known such as “Winchester” as in the famous “Winchester Ghost House” located in California. While other names are less well known. But each war rifle has its own history, and every story is important. Here we have an infographic of a few of the war rifles used throughout history. These rifles were used in many wars, whether the war was country against country, brother against brother or America Vs. terrorism, they each have their own significant place in our country’s founding and survival.

Love them or hate them war rifles are important. We couldn’t be where we are today in Beautiful America, the land of the free, without rifles, but don’t you dare forget the brave heroes who stand behind them. While rifles seem powerful, we all need to remember the true heroes aren’t Metal, they are the resilient men and women in our military. On their own these guns look very cool but they are also powerless. However, with our brave and strong military these guns can help to keep us safe and free. These war rifles below are impressive but don’t forget: guns don’t win wars, our veterans do. It takes a lot of courage to put your life on the line, but that’s what our veterans do every day. Thank You!

War is not ideal, but it is necessary at times to keep our country and others safe, Below we listed a few of those times and the guns that were popular at that time. Pick a favorite and share it with us all in the comments below! If you know about one that is not listed comment let us know about that one too, we want to hear from you!

See the evolution and history of the war rifle via the image below.  See the full-size image here: Evolution of the War Rifle.

The Evolution of the War Rifle
The Evolution of the War Rifle


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