The Evolution of the American Soldier’s Uniform (Infographic)

Over the years, the military uniform has changed in too many ways to count. We thought it would be fun to take a look back through history at how the average military uniform has changed. Now we know there have been hundreds of minor changes not reflected in this infographic, but overall you are able to see the general shift in uniforms from different eras and wars. We hope you like this and share it with your friends!

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The Evolution of the American Soldier's Uniform
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4 thoughts on “The Evolution of the American Soldier’s Uniform (Infographic)

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  4. 1. The World War II soldier is holding an M1 Garand semi automatic rifle, not a Springfield bolt action. The Springfield was used only by army snipers, rangers, and the early Pacific marines (they were deployed immediately after Pearl Harbor and had to go out with outdated equipment) Quote: “The army boys are going out with the new stuff, and I’m still using the shit my grandfather served with!”.
    2. The Korean War soldier is holding a B.A.R (Browning Automatic Rifle) not an m1 Garand (although the m1 was still the standard issue service rifle)
    3. The modern soldier should have an m4 carbine, or an m16a4. The m16a2 is no longer used so much by our forces, and we have been giving are armory of a2’s to other countries (namely the Iraq military/police forces).

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