Terrorist Attack in Kenya

It has been a week since the murderous and evil attack on the Westgage Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The mall is secured, partly demolished, and Kenyan officials say that US and British experts are helping gather forensic evidence and conduct an investigation of just exactly who these terrorists were that committed these heinous crimes against humanity. Some 70 innocents dead, twice that number wounded. And why? I applaud this investigation and its pursuit of these cowardly murderers. The world is fed up and weary of these monsters who go about targeting civilians and killing just to kill. Basta! Enough.

Who is Al-Shabaab?

Al-Shabaab, is the terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for the attack. If there is a more troubled country than Somalia I don’t know what it would be. And maybe the lawlessness of Somalia can be a starting point of understanding. The pure chaos of these groups is astonishing. They operate with utter brutality, showing not even the least regard for human life or dignity. They are killers first, going about instituting their own radical interpretations of Sharia (law). But they are not building anything; they are going about killing anything that is not like them. Ask yourself, “what can possibly be the future of that mentality?”

Al-Shabaab means “The Youth” in Arabic. The group uses a mixture of religion, nationalism, and deception to lure young people (many of them Somalis) according to  Omar Jamal, a longtime activist who now serves as the first secretary for the Somali mission to the United Nations.

“They misinform people, and they target young, impressionable kids,” Jamal said. “They literally brainwash them. It’s a very dangerous cult.”

The largest Somali community in the US is in Minnesota. About six years ago some of these Somali-Americans began leaving Minnesota to become part of Al-Shabaab. Now there are preliminary reports that some of the Al-Shabaab terrorists involved in the Nairobi Mall violence were those who had been a part of the Somali community in Minnesota. If this proves to be true, it is a testament to how difficult and protracted this war on terrorism may prove to be for the civilized nations of the world.

Look beyond this catastrophe in Kenya. The Syrian civil war has become a magnet for thousands of enterprising jihadists from all over the Muslim world, including Muslim communities in Europe and North America. The once largely moderate and secular Syrian Free Army has been progressively displaced by better-organized and better-funded jihadist groups that have direct links with al-Qaeda.

And the other side! Who is the other side—who are the rebels? Intelligence estimates suggest that as much as 80% of the effective rebel fighting forces are non-Syrian mercenaries. If the rebels do nothing more than hold the territory under their control in the northern and eastern parts of the country, they might end up controlling a vast area that borders an ever more fragile-looking Iraq. Yes, THAT Iraq, where al-Qaeda is currently murdering as many as 1,000 civilians a month. What might that new state look like?

Since 2007, at least 22 young men have left the American state of Minnesota to join Al-Shabaab. Unconfirmed reports are that two more left earlier this month. You have to ask yourself why. I do.

Kenyan President Kenyatta said Tuesday that initial reports had suggested a British woman and two or three American citizens may have been involved in the attack. There has been no confirmation of this report. You can bet that the investigative teams are digging for every scrap of evidence that will lead them to those who belong to this mindset. I say, “good.” Good. Find these terrorists, all of them.

Terrorists only do terror. They don’t get what they want and suddenly start living by the established rules of another order. No. They only bow to one rule, which is to kill and to kill some more, always and evermore. Understanding the enemy is the first step in defeating the enemy.

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