Amazing Ways to Celebrate Your 4th of July


Happy Fourth of July

Independence Day can be so much fun, but it can also be so much work and so much money. Just like any holiday, the Fourth of July can be blown into a gigantic party of epic proportion. While everyone likes to celebrate Independence Day in their own way, and I know we all have our own traditions, sometimes we can go overboard. The night usually ends up consisting of expensive fireworks and once a year stadium shows with over-priced tickets, concessions, and restaurants because no one wants to do the dishes.

Happy 4th of July

Well, Low VA Rates is here to do what we do best: help you save money! Not only can we help you save your hard-earned cash on your loan, we can help you save on your holiday celebrations. Don’t worry, these ideas are still a ton of fun!


We’ve put together a video of 11 free (or almost free) ways you can save money this Fourth of July. Plus they are all firework-free—just in case! (Read our full post on Firework-Free Fourth of July Fun!) These are all tried and true ways you can show off both your patriotic side as well as your frugal side, and no one needs to ever know.


So go ahead and watch our video. Then tell us in the comments below which idea was your favorite, and any other ideas you have to save money this July. We’d also love to know if we missed any great ideas—we want to have fun too!


Finally, while we are all out having fun this Independence Day, let’s not forget what we are celebrating. Find some time to thank our veteran heroes for the sacrifices they make for us and everything that they do for the protection of our freedom and safety, as well as the freedom of families worldwide!

From Low VA Rates

11 Ways to Celebrate a Firework Free 4th of July

Firework-Free Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July


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1Without Fireworks. Have a Pancake Breakfast

What better way to start your day than a pancake breakfast, and what better way to eat pancakes than with Patriotic toppings? Fry up some pancakes and top them with fresh fruit, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, even raspberries. You could also cook the fruit right into the cakes or even die the batter with red or blue food color before you fry them. Just be creative and have fun!

2. Throw a Potluck BBQ

Honestly, nothing beats a Barbecue, right? So why not get the whole family involved! Invite all the cousins, friends, and neighbors, but be sure to have everyone bring something to share! Enjoy time together, try letting your inner child out with games! You could try lawn games like a three-legged race or red light green light, you could try Twister or ring toss as well, the possibilities are endless. When it gets dark you can bust out some glow sticks for the kids (and adults) and roast marshmallows for smores!

3. Go to a Parade

Ornate floats, colorful costumes, patriotic music and don’t forget about the free stuff they give to the crowd. These are just some of the reasons 4th of July parades have become a tradition for many American families. They are fun for all ages and, best of all, they are free! They aren’t hard to find either, most likely there is one just down your street!  (You’ll want a front row seat for all the fun!)

4. Watch a Patriotic Movie

After a full day of red white and blue pancakes, parades, and BBQ prep, it’s going to be time to relax. But why stop the celebration for a much-needed rest? Try a family movie-patriotic-of course. You could try a documentary for some straight history, or you could twist it up a bit with something like Independence Day, Captain America, or National Treasure, fictional, but still fun!

5. Go Camping

Camping is inexpensive and it’s good quality fun! Our country has many National Parks that are perfect for a good camp out. Yellowstone is a classic, but there are plenty lesser known places in every state that are amazing as well! However, sometimes chasing little ones around a forest can be challenging to say the least. A backyard campout can be just as fun if you have young children or even if you just prefer to stay close to home (and the bathroom).

6. Play Ball

Baseball, ahh, the boys of summer! What better game to celebrate than the Ol’ “American Pastime”? While football may have risen in popularity these recent years, baseball still holds a place in many American hearts. So, leave football for Thanksgiving, and go celebrate the USA! Get a group together in a local park or field, bring out the bat and ball and have some fun!  Kick it to the next level with color-coded teams, the red team wears red, and Blue team wears blue.

7. Go Shopping

If you like to shop then you know all about the Independence Day discounts. Many stores have huge sales for the 4th and who doesn’t like affordable prices? Go celebrate our Independence with some shopping, and while I can’t guarantee you there won’t be the tax, I can guarantee it won’t go to King George! Independence day really is a fitting day for a sale, so go take advantage of the low prices!

8. Run a Race

Running can be a great way to celebrate! If you are a dedicated runner there are many different races held on Independence Day: marathons, 10K’s, 5K’s, races for all endurance levels. Many cities also have “Fun Run’s” these are races the whole family can enjoy! There can be food trucks, activity booths, etc. So grab some red white and blue running clothes and get ready to race!

9. Go to a Rodeo

If you live somewhere that hosts rodeo’s I highly suggest going. Rodeos are so much more than just cowboys roping bulls. There are all kinds of events and activities, many of which involve the audience. Not only are they fun for all ages, rodeos are also often focused on American themes so they are a great way to celebrate patriotism!

10. Have a Bike Parade

If you missed the parade in your area or if you simply would prefer to avoid the crowd, Bike parades can be fun active ways of celebrating. Decorate your bikes in red, white and blue then go on a ride around your neighborhood you can invite neighbors and even ride up to a snow cone shack or a donut shop. Many bakeries have patriotic donuts in honor of Independence Day! Bike around town and finish it off with a treat!

11. Make a Care Package

With all the fun, you will be having this Independence Day, don’t forget about the men and women who fight so that we can celebrate this holiday. We are celebrating our freedom and our United States Military is full of men and women who put their lives on the line for this right every single day. Show your appreciation by making a care package. These can be as extravagant or modest as you feel comfortable, but try to do something to get the family involved in showing appreciation to the heroes in our lives.

Low VA Rates Contributes to Follow the Flag

Celebrating the Fourth of July

The Stars and Stripes is significant for more than its designation as our country’s standard. To some it is a symbol of freedom. To others, it’s a banner of courage. Kyle Fox, a Pleasant Grove native, has created a new way to celebrate the flag on Independence Day.

A Free Independence Day Event for Utahns

Fox obtained a license to run a cable across Grove Creek Canyon in Pleasant Grove and hang a 30- by 60-foot flag. The week-long event is called “Follow the Flag.” On the Fourth of July, a day-long event is held to specifically honor the flag, and the day kicks off with a ceremony. With the firing of cannons and hundreds of people singing the national anthem, the flag is unfurled in an emotional display of pride for our country on its Interdependence Day.

Here is a full schedule of the events for that week:

Free Independence Day Event on the Fourth of July in Utah

Contributing to this Utah County Celebration

This year, Low VA Rates didn’t just want to stand by and watch. We wanted to contribute to this amazing program to show our love and respect for Old Glory. In order to do that, Low VA Rates is sponsoring the spotlight that will light the flag at night throughout the week that it hangs in the canyon.

In addition to the heartwarming flag ceremony, there will be other activities that week, including a 5K run through the canyon, and Boy Scouts who participate in the ceremony will receive a scouting patch called “Hope for Tomorrow.” Feel free to join Low VA Rates on Independence Day in Grove Creek Canyon for the flag ceremony and more fun activities to celebrate our nation’s wonderful flag and everything it stands for.

How will you be celebrating Independence Day this year?



After the 4th of July, Don’t Forget to Celebrate Independence

Remembering the Fourth

The 4th of July is America’s birthday and the day we look back and remember all the difficulties and trials our ancestors went through to ensure our freedom. People from all over the political spectrum come together to celebrate our independence and freedom. But now that the 4th of July has passed, it becomes very easy to slip back into our bad habits of getting caught up in our differences and forgetting what connects us.

The truth is that we should take the spirit of Independence Day with us all year round. Shooting off fireworks and barbecuing with friends and family is great, to be sure, but we should make a special effort to do our forefathers justice.

How can we hold onto the patriotism we feel this time of year? Check out our ideas in this article, and please let us know if there’s anything else you think we should add to the list!

Actively Learn About Our Country

One idea is to take time to read the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or other historical documents once per month to strongly familiarize yourself with the words they contain. You could also make an effort to regularly read books or watch documentaries about American history and US presidents to learn more about how our country got to where it is today.

Along with building your historical knowledge, you could make a plan to stay current with political affairs and keep track of your representation, both in your state capitol and in Washington, D.C. Being an informed voter and working to make change you believe in are both major ways to honor our nation. Don’t be afraid to engage in some political philosophy and question your own stances as well.

Get Involved with Local and State Government

There’s almost always a need for volunteers in local communities. Working with your city or county government on a volunteer or even a paid basis can be a great way to build your appreciation for your community and increase your understanding of what government does (and whether you personally believe it should continue to do so).

Additionally, service builds a strong sense of pride and loyalty. When you help make something better, you feel more loyal and proud of it than if you just stood by and watched. By getting involved with local and state government, you can make the difference you used to hope others would make—and you never know, maybe you’ll find a new career path!

There may be no better way to connect with the nation by participating in local government meetings and letting your voice be heard on issues you care about. You might be surprised how much change can come from a few dedicated citizens getting engaged in local issues.

Follow the US Military’s Social Media Channels

American Social MediaIf you’re a fan of cool technology, inspirational stories, and exciting events, then following the social media channels of the branches of the US military can be a fun way to keep your patriotic feelings up.

Keeping apprised of updates to the military can also contribute to the paragraph above, as it helps you learn about what our country is doing both at home and on the world stage.

If you disapprove of what the military is doing, you can use social media to promote a better way of doing things. We all love this great nation and want it to go the best direction possible. You can engage in the conversation by following the branches of the US military and sharing their updates along with your opinion.

Make a List of Our Nation’s Symbols

There are a lot of symbols used in our nation. Our currency, for example, is chock full of them. If you make a list of our nation’s symbols and then learn what they all mean and how they work with each other, you’ll likely gain a finer understanding of and appreciation for our heritage.

Travel or Learn about Global Issues Get Involved in the Community

Learning about cultures and practices that are different from your own can be an eye-opening, humbling, and motivating experience. Having spoken with many veterans about the most meaningful times in their military service, I can attest that those who spent time in humanitarian efforts in foreign countries usually cite them as being the most powerful experience—and one that strengthened their appreciation for the country they live in.

Through travel and learning, you may also find that other countries have had successes and advancement in certain arenas that the US is working on. You can work to implement these kinds of things in the US, helping make it better.

This may only be an option for some people, but for those who are able, this can be a fantastic way to serve others and keep the spirit of patriotism alive in yourself and those around you all year round.


Low VA Rates Honors U.S. Veterans This Fourth of July!

Independence Day or the Fourth of July as it is also known as would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our United States veterans. The Fourth of July is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which allowed the United States to become free from the Kingdom of Great Britain, This document marked the commencement of the Revolutionary war, a war fought by the brave men and women who served our budding country. Many of the men were farmers and the women were mothers, but they both heeded the call of freedom and sacrificed so much to bring our country the freedom we now enjoy. While the men fought the battles with guns, the women nursed the wounded, fed the soldiers and even sometimes snuck into the battles to fight alongside the soldiers. These men and women had very important roles in our great country’s past, as they do currently! Our Veterans fight for freedom and they always have, the United States’ independence wouldn’t be, or have been, possible without the service of our incredible veterans! honors the men and women who have served our country. We invite all to celebrate this holiday by remembering those who made the United States the country that it is today by actively participating in community activities. If you are looking for a way to celebrate your Fourth of July this year, We have some suggestions! Depending on where you live we recommend you visit any of the following annual events. We Promise they won’t disappoint:

  • “American’s Freedom Festival” in Provo, Utah has the Stadium of Fire which is one of the largest freedom festivals in the United States,
  • “The Red, White & Boom” in downtown Columbus, Ohio is always a favorite. Bristol, Rhode Island has the oldest Independence Day celebration, and it’s always incredible!
  • New York City hosts the Macy’s firework display and “Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest” how does it get any more American than Fireworks and Hot dogs?
  • San Diego has a beautiful display of fireworks over Mission Bay and Chicago does a fabulous firework show over Lake Michigan.

Any of these activities would be perfect for you and your family to attend. Just don’t forget to take a second to remember our veterans this Fourth of July. Our great country wouldn’t be what it is today without the veterans of the United States of America.

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