State of Ohio- Veteran Benefits

Employment Benefits

Does the State of Ohio offer Employment Benefits to Veterans?

Yes. The State Ohio offers Veterans a Public Employment Preference through a 20%

added credit on the Ohio civil servant exam. To be eligible, Veterans must be honorably

discharged from active service or transferred to a Reserve position.

Does the State of Ohio assist Veterans in finding employment?

Yes. The State of Ohio operates numerous One-Stop resource centers throughout the

state where assistance for Veterans and other job seekers is offered. Some of the

services offered include:

• Assistance with resume writing

• Use of computers, printers, telephones and fax machines

• Job market information and current postings

• Work readiness workshops

To find the One-Stop Resource Center closest to you, click here.

Does the State of Ohio offer special programs for Veterans with Disabilities?

Yes. The Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission, a state agency, assists people with

disabilities to secure and retain suitable employment. If it is determined a person’s

disabilities prevent them from working, the Bureau of Disability Determination (BDD)

helps determine eligibility for Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security


Education Benefits

Does the State of Ohio offer any Education Benefits to Veterans?

The State of Ohio does not offer specific Education Benefits to Veterans of the United

States Armed Forces or United States Reserves. However, Ohio residents with a high

school diploma or GED certificate who enlist, re-enlist or extend their current

commitment to the Ohio National Guard for a total of six years are eligible to receive

100% tuition at state-assisted colleges and universities for eight (8) full-time semesters

or 100% of the average tuition of all state universities at approved private institutions of

higher education.

Does the State of Ohio offer Education Benefits to Dependents of Veterans?

Yes. The State of Ohio offers the following Education Benefits to dependents of


Ohio War Orphans Scholarship: Children of deceased of severely disabled Ohio

Veterans who served in the Armed Forces during a period of declared war or conflict

may receive tuition assistance at Ohio State colleges or universities. To be eligible,

applicants must be under the age of 25, an Ohio resident, and enrolled full-time at an

eligible Ohio college or university. Applications are due by July 1 of each year.

MIA/POW Orphans Scholarship: Children of members of the Armed Forces Missingin-

Action or taken as Prisoners-of-War may be eligible to receive tuition, general fees,

lab fees, and reasonable expenses for room and board and books for up to four years of

undergraduate academic education. To be eligible, applicants must be an Ohio resident

for 12 months prior to application (if parent does not meet residency requirement, at

least five years prior to application), must be be between the ages of 16-21, and attend

an eligible Ohio college or university or eligible non-profit institution.

Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund: Children and spouses of peace

officers, fire fighters or other safety officers killed in the line-of-duty anywhere in the

United States are provided tuition assistance through the Ohio Safety Officers College

Memorial Fund. In addition, children and spouses of members of the United States

Armed Forces who were killed while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation

Iraqi Freedom or any other combat zone designated by the President of the United

States may also received tuition assistance through this fund. To be eligible, applicants

must not be eligible for the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship and must be an Ohio

resident. Tuition is provided for up to 10 semesters or 15 semesters (up to five years or

until bachelor’s degree is completed).

Other State of Ohio Veteran Benefits

Assistance for Veterans in Need

Counties throughout the State of Ohio offer various types of assistance to Veterans in

need. Many provide transportation to local VA facilities, food vouchers, rent and utility

assistance, and support in applying for VA benefits. A Veteran must have a copy of their

DD-214 and other household bills and proof of income to determine eligibility. Contact

your local County Veterans Service Office to learn more about the services available in

your area.

Long-Term Care

Honorably discharged Veterans who have been a resident of Ohio for at least one year,

served on active duty during a time of war or armed conflict or are the recipient of

certain service medals, and are disabled and otherwise incapable of earning a living are

eligible for admission to one of Ohio’s Veterans Homes. The Ohio Veterans Home

Agency offers the following facilities to Veterans and their eligible spouses:

Sandusky Home Established in 1888 to care for Veterans of the Civil War, the

Sandusky Home is located near Lake Erie and offers a 427-bed nursing home facility.

Two levels of care are offered for Veterans: Standard care for Veterans in need of

intermediate level of care and specialized care for Veterans with Alzheimer’s disease

and other types of dementia.

Sandusky Domiciliary The Sandusky Domiciliary offers individual rooms with cable

access and a shared bath to eligible Veterans in need of medical care, but are able to

live independently. The Domiciliary features 293 beds, a dining facility, two reading

lounges, a computer lounge, recreational facilities, clubs, activities and necessary

medical care for eligible veterans.

Georgetown Home Established in 2003 in the scenic countryside of Brown County,

Georgetown Home offers two levels of care for Veterans: Standard care for Veterans in

need of intermediate level care and specialized care for Veterans with Alzheimer’s

disease and other types of dementia. The Georgetown Home nursing home facility

features 168 beds, including a 21-bed hospice unit.

First Time Homebuyer

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) offers a Veteran’s and Hero Program to

service members of the Armed Forces. The OHFA Veterans Program allows for fixed

rate financing in households where at least one member served in the armed forces. To

qualify, applicants must be within income and home purchase price limits. With the

OHFA Heroes Product, a Homebuyer receives the benefits of the OHFA Veterans

Program at a .25% lower interest rate. The OHFA Heroes Product is available to

creditworthy, qualified Veterans, or active duty/ active reserve members of the United

States Armed Forces.

Burial Benefits

Burial benefits are available to eligible Veterans. Contact your local County Veteran

Service Officer to see what benefits are available in your region. The Veterans

Administration (VA) offers a gravesite at any of its 120 national cemeteries, the opening

and closing of the grave, lifetime care, headstone or marker, grave liner, burial flag, and

a Presidential Memorial Certificate at no charge to the family. Deceased Veterans who

were receiving VA benefits are eligible for a $300 plot allowance and $300 burial and

funeral expenses. Veterans who died of service-related causes are eligible to receive a

$2000 burial allowance from the VA.


While the Veterans Administration is the primary source of services for Veterans and

their families, OHIOCARES is a collaboration of state and local agencies to support the

behavioral health of returning Veterans and their families and identifies community

resources available to Veterans and their families. For more information, see


Veterans License Plates

Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) offers numerous specialty plates for honorably

discharged Veterans. Visit the Ohio BMV website to learn more.

Homestead Exemption

The Homestead Exemption allows permanently and totally disabled residents of Ohio

the ability to shield up to $25,000 of the market value of their homestead (up to one acre

of land and their dwelling), regardless of applicant’s age. Homeowners 65 years and

older and surviving spouses of qualified homeowners are also eligible for the

exemption. Typical savings is $400 a year and applications must be completed and

turned in after the first monday in January and before the first monday in June.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Members of the United States Armed Forces on active duty are not required to have

hunting or fishing licenses while on leave or furlough in the State of Ohio. In addition,

Veterans who are former Prisoners-of-War or are 100% service-connected disabled are

eligible to apply for free hunting and fishing licenses through the Division of Wildlife.

Ohio State Parks

Ohio residents who are honorably discharged Veterans and 100% disabled as

determined by the Veterans Administration or are former Prisoners-of-War are entitled to

camp in Ohio’s state parks at no charge.

Watercraft Registration

Honorably discharged Veterans who are 100% service-connected disabled or receiving

a disability pension from the VA, Medal of Honor recipients or former Prisoners-of-War

are eligible for free watercraft registration in the State of Ohio.

Ohio Veterans Bonus

The Ohio Veterans Bonus Program provides a tax-free bonus of $100 for each month

spent on active duty service between August 2, 1990 and March 3, 1991 or any time

after October 7, 2001 in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq for a maximum of $1000.

Veterans who served in different areas are eligible to receive $50 for each month of

active duty service for a maximum $500. If a service member lost their life during these

conflicts, their family members are eligible to receive a benefit of $5,000, in addition to

the benefit the deceased Veteran would have received. If a service member is Missing-

In-Action or a Prisoner-of-War, their family may also be eligible for the $5,000 benefit.

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