Serving the Military

Paying it Forward


As a college student, I have gone from job to job looking for a position that would meet my needs and give me the stability I was looking for. I have always been independent and I like to pay for my own things. I have never wanted to be a burden to my parents, and therefore I have always accepted a job that would make that possible.

Paying it ForwardWhen I started at Low VA Rates, I wasn’t aware of just how rewarding it would be. The fact that we work specifically and closely with Veteran Loans helps me feel like I am giving back, even if it is a small portion, to those who serve in the armed forces.

My family has many links to the armed forces. My cousin and uncle are in the National Guard, and my grandfathers were in the Navy and the National Guard. I have grown up having American pride and gratitude for those who are willing to risk their lives for us. As a college student, I always thought there wasn’t much I could do to give back to them or show my thanks. By working at Low VA Rates, I get to talk one-on-one with these veterans, who in one moment or another in their lives, have served our country. It brings me joy to be able to assist them in any way I can and to help their refinance process go smoother.

I also love the fact that by working at Low VA Rates, I can continue to serve the Veterans of our country even if they are no longer in service. It is a way that I can help them realize that we have not forgotten their sacrifices. By working with them and getting them better rates for their home loans, we as employees can continue to show gratitude towards those who represented our country. My grandfather is not a man of many words, but he does occasionally talk about his time in the National Guard. He has always held the armed forces in high respect and has a deep love for our country. Like my grandfather, many of the veterans who we are assisting have a deep love and respect for our country. Many of them may have been honorably discharged due to injuries and can no longer serve the way they used to. I like to think that by specializing in Veteran Loans we are constantly acknowledging them and their sacrifices for us and our country, no matter how long or how long ago they served.Supporting Our Troops

By working at Low VA Rates, I feel I can give back my time to those who gave so much more for me. They did their duty and have continually given up their time and lives for people they don’t know, all in the name of a belief and love for our country. It is my chance to pay it forward, in some way or another to help them get through the refinance process quickly and painlessly as possible, so that there is one less thing they have to worry about. It is a small way that I can show my gratitude to those who have done and given so much so that I can enjoy the freedom that is so abundant in this country.


Morgan Hansen is a Loan officer assistant one of our finest at that. “My job is to gather the information that is needed to start the Refinance Process. Once I get the basic documents back I start the file and get it registered with the Lender. I also work on the loan past that point to get it ready for processing.”
Morgan works really hard to make sure that loans are run as smoothly as possible. She is a critical part of a team that works endlessly to take care of our veterans and show thanks for their service for our liberties and freedom. 

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