Repeat Clients and Why They Come Back

For me and I think many others the true measure of any good business – the place you buy tires, your favorite place to go out to eat, where you shop for groceries and so on, when you finish the transaction, when it is all said and done – you feel good about the experience.

I have done VA loans for nearly 7 years, and during that time have had many repeat clients and they are in fact some of my favorites.   When you have a relationship with a client they expect a great deal – and they should.  Not only do they expect professional, prompt service, but they also want to be treated fairly and feel that they matter – everyone no matter how small or big is important and it is nice to be treated as such.  After all, when you are out to eat and the server goes that extra bit to be sure your food was hot, your drinks filled and they gave you excellent advice about what to order you appreciate that.  On a larger scale, of course, in the refinancing process you want to feel valued and that the treatment and service you receive are the best that your money can buy.  We all pay for services everyday, and at the end of each transaction you either feel taken or satisfied.  Being upfront about any process is always the best policy.  I always try to explain the process, how long it takes, what to expect, how we are directly connected and communicate with the VA as an approved lender.  Understanding how the process works, being kept in the loop as the VA refinance progresses and being part of the whole process in general helps many people feel more comfortable with something they aren’t necessarily familiar with.

Finally, there are many VA lenders in this great country, no doubt.  But just as you make a decision to deal with your accountant, or your favorite mechanic, you choose Low VA Rates for your VA refinancing needs because you know they know what they are doing.  It may finally boil down to opportunity cost –  the opportunity to do business and get a great rate in a timely manner, as opposed to dealing with someone who doesn’t know the intricacies of VA loans and how they work and then you are left high and dry with no refinance on your largest investment – your home.  We understand the ins-and-outs of VA loans, and we get them done, so time after time our clients return to us for the same service they have come to expect.

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