RED Friday Giveaway

What Does RED Friday Mean?


If you follow hash tags on social media, you may have come across a growing trend: RED Friday. But what is it exactly? What does it mean, and why would anyone want to be a part of it?

Find out what this movement is, and why more and more Americans are becoming a part of it.

Remember Everyone Deployed

RED Friday is a national movement that honors those who serve our country in the United States Armed Forces. RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed, and they strive to “Honor Through Remembrance.” Organizations and companies nationwide participate in this weekly, and here at Low VA Rates, we wanted in on the fun. As we help veterans secure VA home loans every day, the ideals behind RED Friday went hand-in-hand with our company goals.

RED Friday: Get Involved!

RED Friday Giveaway to Remember Everyone Deployed


For a few months now, we’ve been celebrating RED Friday every week, and we want you to celebrate with us! We have created our very own tee-shirts for RED Friday, and one of them could be yours. To win, simply post a picture of yourself wearing red. Be sure to tag @LowVARates and use the hashtag #HonorThroughRemembrance. Various winners will be chosen weekly.

Be a part of this giveaway, but even more importantly, remember those that are serving abroad. We owe so much to them and the brave families to pray for their safe return home. So why not thank them when you can and in any way you can – even if it’s through a small gesture like wearing red on Friday’s?

3 thoughts on “RED Friday Giveaway

  1. I posted a picture of me with a red shirt, red hat and I do have on red shoes on. I like the shits big. 3x is fine. I will wear it proudly. Thank you so much.

  2. Mary, thanks for your comment! Check your message inbox on Facebook so we can work out the details. We love seeing your support for our troops, thanks again!

  3. I,wear my red shirt every Friday. I like the red shirt with the white design. If they shrink bad I need a,mans,xxlarge of other wise I need a man’s xlarge. Thank you so much. God bless our troops

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