Get to Know Two Important Commanders-in-Chief this Presidents' Day

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Presidents' Day is a wonderful holiday, but unless you actually know a thing or two about the presidents you're celebrating, then it could end up being just another Monday when all the banks close. Don't let it be "just another Monday" for you. Through the infographic below, get to know two of the greatest presidents in United States history: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


Abraham Lincoln and George Washington Presidents Day Infographic

The Most Celebrated US Presidents

You don't have to be a history buff to understand and appreciate the lives, goals, and missions of these two great men who shaped America. We owe much of our everyday American ideology to these presidents. As our first president, George Washington took on the task of leading a country unlike any other. He became the precedent for all American leaders to come.

Abraham Lincoln challenged a system that went against some of the most fundamental principles of freedom. He fought to keep our country together when our nation was divided against itself. Without these men, the land you'd be living in - the very life you'd be living - would be very different indeed.

Although we can't thank the these two men for all that they've done for America, there are still heroes protecting the liberties they established today. Those heroes are the men and women in the United States military. Like our great leaders, many of these soldiers and veterans have sacrificed their health, safety, and even lives to ensure that everything America stands for remains unbreakable.

This Presidents' Day, celebrate by thanking someone who preserves the freedom that men like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln established today. Take some time to remember the battles they fought and the sacrifices they made on your behalf. To put it as simply as possible, just thank a veteran!