Presidential Power

The President Can Only Do So Much


Too many people in the US blame the President when things go awry in society. Emails, social media and mainstream media begin to point fingers during times of war or when passing laws. What these individuals and corporate news agencies are doing is fear mongering. The President can only do so much without the approval of Congress. While he or she may be the figurehead of government, it takes hundreds of politicians to keep the country running.


Up in Arms About Laws


One of the more active protests against the President is when new laws come into play. He or she will become the lightning rod of hate if it’s an extremely unpopular law with society. The truth is, the

President cannot pass a law alone. Congress needs to vote before it becomes official. Case in point, the

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act saw a great amount of opposition from Congress, which is why it wasn’t passed sooner.


When it comes to decisions such as these, the President is only capable of suggesting new laws or signing bills. It is the collective work of the Senate, the President and the House of Representatives that actually makes permanent decisions. The only real permanent decisions the President can make alone are appointing ambassadors to foreign countries, making treaties that are approved by the Senate and executing spending as agreed upon by Congress. As such, the President cannot personally decide on federal spending, interpret the laws or declare war without the approval of various branches of the government.


Choose Your Arguments Wisely


Usually, those that do not understand how government works end up looking the most foolish when it comes to spreading fear and conspiracy theories. You should always gather facts about a particular topic before you decide to protest something that is falsely represented in social media. Presidential power is still effective, but it’s more limited than what many people believe.  This applies to all political arguments and other issues in general. Always gather the facts before you go believing something you hear on Facebook or from a friend. It’s always better to be educated in the facts than simply going with the opinion of others.

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