Obama vs Romney – How the Military Will Fare

The Presidential election is just around the corner. Have you decided how you’re voting yet? Among many other issues is the consideration of how the military may change depending on who is elected. The infographic below breaks down each candidates plan for the military given they are elected. We hope you like the info and that you’ll share it. Thanks!

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Obama vs Romney - How the Military Will Fare
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2 thoughts on “Obama vs Romney – How the Military Will Fare

  1. You forgot to mention that obamanation made a deal with the devil, that being Russia to reduce our missile defence system thereby reducing America from a superpower in the world to nearly a third world power.
    This deal along with destroying our ecomomy, jobs, credit rating, health care, energy sources, just to name a few, would finish the job of turning America to a full blown third world country. No Thanks Obamanation, take your hate elsewhere.

  2. “Wants to establish cooperation in the Muslim world against the war against terror”

    This is a very confusing statement. I’m sure you mean this:

    “Wants to establish cooperation in the Muslim world for the war against terror”

    I’m sure Romney will continue the war against terror and I’m sure he won’t cooperate with Iran, Syria and Al Qaida who perpetuate that war. What he wants is to cooperate with those countries that are also willing to fight against terror. One mistake like that and its difficult to take the rest of your article seriously, though the rest of it does seem to be informative.

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