National Guard Benefits

National Guard Benefits and Opportunities

Thinking about joining the United States National Guard? You’re not the only one. Thousands of active military members have joined the National Guard and have enjoyed the many benefits it provides. Find out if one of these reasons could make you join too!

National Guard Enlistment and CareersTop Reasons to Join this US Militia

  1. Get Skilled and Specialized

Members of the National Guard are respected members of the military. They participate in military training exercises and can be deployed to defend America in battle if needed. Those in the National Guard also have many additional training opportunities available to them. If you require specialized training or schooling, the National Guard will send you to a specialty school or university on scholarship to further your education. These extra skills are incredibly beneficial and often lead to new job opportunities both in the military and in civilian life.

  1. Great Pay for Every Work Day

In the National Guard, you receive payment every time you participate in the monthly Drill and annual trainings. “Drill Weekend” is a training session that Guard members are required to attend for one weekend a month. During Drill Weekend, all Guard members report to their state’s armory and spend two days participating in training exercises specific to their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). The weekend serves as a refresher on military skills as well as a chance for Guard members to resume their military careers for a couple of days. Once every summer, everyone involved with the National Guard also appears at their state’s armory for two weeks of active service. During these weeks of annual training, Guard members receive active status and are paid the same amount they would obtain on active duty.

All members of the National Guard are paid based on their rank, job, and education level. For example, an Army private with less than two years of experience would be paid about $3,000 annually, while a staff sergeant with four years of experience would be paid up to $6,000 annually. Additional benefits, including college scholarships, inexpensive healthcare and discounted life insurance, are also available to eligible Guard members.

  1. Live Your Life and Serve on the Side

National Guard Military BenefitsFor many people, working with the National Guard is an opportunity to improve civilian employment prospects. Because the National Guard only requires members to attend Drill Weekend and annual training’s, members often work another job as their main source of income. That way, soldiers can still provide for their families while maintaining contact with the military. The National Guard is also a great place to network and gain experience that will differentiate you from other candidates when seeking employment.

  1. Provide Care for Your Community

The National Guard strives to fulfill its motto: “Always ready, Always there.” Therefore, one of the main duties of the National Guard members is to serve and be present in their communities. During times of emergencies, Guard units are sent to communities plagued by disasters. After the danger is neutralized, they participate in clean-up and help rebuild destroyed structures. Units sent overseas to third-world countries aid their foreign communities by building hospitals and other needed facilities, doing everything in their power to help those around them.

National Guard Enlistment

Joining the National Guard is not only an incredibly simple process, but a highly beneficial one. Follow the example of the 500,000 men and women now serving in the Guard and apply today.

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