National Day of the Deployed: Recognizing Military Deployment

Low VA Rates Low VA Rates / Published Oct 26, 2016, 10:58 AM

National Day of the Deployed - Recognising Military Deployment

Looking for a way to honor those currently deployed? Today, you can join millions of Americans in observing the national Day of the Deployed. This holiday was founded by Soldiers’ Angels, an online organization that provides care packages, letters, and other donations to veterans and active members of the United States military.

Day of the Deployed was first conceived in 2006. John Hoeven, who was the governor of North Dakota at the time, became aware of the efforts of Soldiers’ Angels and started a campaign to annually recognize the holiday. It was the first time a governor in the United States gave a formal proclamation recognizing deployed troops.

By 2010, all but ten states had adopted Day of the Deployed, and just a year later in 2011, the US Senate unanimously declared it a national holiday to be observed every 26th of October.

So, why October 26th? The date was picked to honor LTC David Hosna, cousin of Shelle Michaels Aberle, who first approached Governor Hoeven about the holiday. LTC Hosna was born on October 26th, and had been serving in Iraq at the time.

In Grand Forks, North Dakota, the first ever Day of the Deployed events were held. Among those honored were units NDARNG 1-188th SECFOR and JLENS, both of which were serving in Afghanistan.

What Can You Do?

To participate in America’s annual Day of the Deployed, you can post messages or shout-outs on social media using the hashtag #DayOfTheDeployed. This will help more Americans become aware of this great holiday and feel encouraged to participate, even if it's through a small post. Your posts can be messages of love and support to your own loved ones or to deployed troops and their families in general.

You could also take the time to write a letter or send a care package to anyone you know currently serving in the military. We at Low VA Rates want to take this opportunity to thank all those deployed for their selfless service and wish everyone serving stateside or overseas a safe return home.

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