Mortgage Meltdown: U.S. Home Prices – Comparing 2006 to 2010

We’ve been hearing a lot about the inflation of home prices in the recent years, but how long has it really been going on, and how much have the prices truly changed? It can be incredibly overwhelming to try to refinance or start looking for a home, or even sell a home without knowing the history and the trends. That’s why we’re here, our purpose is to (try to) keep you from stressing by giving you the information you want and need in an understandable way.

Between 1997 and 2006 the price of the typical American home increased by 126%. That’s a pretty amazing number to see isn’t it?  Well, what about from 2006 to 2010?  What has happened in the more recent market and how is the current housing market looking? We can tell you, but it’s more fun to show you!  Whether you are buying a home, selling your home, looking to Refinance, looking for a VA loan or just looking for a traditional loan, check out the infographic below to find some of the answers your looking for. They may surprise you!

On the infographic we will show you a graph of both average and median, but we won’t leave you hanging, we also explain the difference between average and median, we will talk about the Market Rebound and some interesting statistics that correlate with the Market Rebound.  We show you the more about Sales Distribution in 2009 plus a map of the US with home prices and Sales. You may wonder: “What is the market difference between Dallas TX and San Antonio TX” or Atlanta GA vs Portland OR, well we can and will show you, and it will be all set up in an easy to read and easy to follow infographic. Just click below, and let us show you all you want to know!

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Mortgage Meltdown: U.S. Home Prices - Comparing 2006 to 2010

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2 thoughts on “Mortgage Meltdown: U.S. Home Prices – Comparing 2006 to 2010

  1. Very interesting. I am surprised at Phoenix, Arizona. I was looking for negative figures. With all the foreclosures and short sales in Arizona in the last 6 to 8 months, these numbers are amazing. However, you have to take all surveys and reports with a grain of salt. The number do not account for the shadow inventory. No one is sure what this number is.

  2. There are many places in America that are still taking a really big hit on the real estate market. When I lived in Denver it was great out there! People were moving from all over the US just to live there because the homes were affordable but they a job market to go with it!

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