Military vs. Civilian Salaries (Infographic)

Let’s face it, everything costs money, so when you are unemployed it can be an extremely stressful time! You’re trying to provide for yourself and your loved ones, but your money can only go so far. Finding a job on its own is almost as bad as the stress of not having one at all. If you fall into this boat, don’t worry you aren’t alone, Thousands of men and women across America are facing unemployment right now. Working for the military can be stressful but in some cases it pays well and you get other benefits through working for the Military.

We, here at Low VA Rates, want to help by giving you hope! Below we have a list of careers, both Civilian and Military. Hopefully, The image will help you jump start  on your career goals if you see what the end result can be! The best part is that they have jobs for all skill sets. You don’t have to be a mechanic to work for the Military (but if you are you will be paid a pretty penny), you could be a chef perhaps, or maybe you’re a computer tech kind of person, they have a job for you as well. No matter what you’re good at there is a place for you in the Military, plus they train you so you don’t have to start out by knowing absolutely everything about how to fix an airplane, they will teach you. Then you can take your skills with you when you enter the civilian field.

There are many like careers offered in both the military and civilian sector.  Sometimes it pays to work for Uncle Sam, and sometimes it does not.  The infographic below takes a look at some of these careers and their comparable salaries.  Let us know what you think by sharing your comments below.  Thanks.

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Military Salary vs. Civilian Salary
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12 thoughts on “Military vs. Civilian Salaries (Infographic)

  1. I was a computer tech in the Marine Corps and made ~20k after 4 years. I would like to know your source for this information, because apparently I’m owed some back-pay.

  2. This chart is not accurate at all. Not even for rough estimates. The average military doctor making $58k a year? No way. As an O-3 when you first join you’re making $60k without adding in the bonuses. That’s if you’re stationed in a place with very low housing allowance. An O-5 is making about $92k before bonuses. It’s still way less than the civilian sector, but the chart makes it seem like doctors are making about the same as a mechanic in the military. That is definitely not true.

    The jobs that make out the best in the military are menial labor jobs. They get paid more than they would get in the private sector.

    Remember, in order to get doctors and lawyers to join the military you have to have competitive salaries for them. If you paid doctors $58k no one would join. And the ones who owed time to the military for putting them through medical school would get out the first chance they got.

  3. I’m not sure what the sources were for this comparison, but they are not accurate. In the military your wage is based upon your rank, not your specific job. However, some fields do get special pays that others do not, but these benefits would not double the salary.

  4. Who ever did this has never even looked at a military pay chart because this is way off a military mechanic clears around $24,000 no where near the $56,000

  5. We listed our sources of information below the graphic so that you can see where the data and info is coming from

  6. First of all, I can say for certainty that the only factors that have anything to do with how much your getting paid in the military are bonuses, rank, and time in service. All military jobs make the same amount of money. You dont get paid for your job, you get paid for your rank. Some specialty jobs get incentives, like doctors and hazardous duty jobs, but other than that, all military jobs are equal. The is some fake propaganda shit. If your thinking about joining the military, join air force or navy, get a degree first and be an officer, and only consider it as a last resort. It’s not fun.

  7. $90,479 for an army computer tech?! To whoever created this are you #$&@ high? Lets go about this the simple way, The most common army rank is E-4, which makes $2,046.30 a month if they are under 3years time in service and around $1,000 for BAH (only applicable to married soldiers.) You also can receive around $350 BAS (this is for single soldiers but it is deducted immediately from their meal allowance and they receive only about $40 back from it.) If stationed in the US there is no other incentives (unless they are receiving flight pay, jump pay, etc. Bringing their pay a year to around $25,035.60 a year if single, and 36,555.60 for married soldiers. NOWHERE NEAR they amount you think….good job pulling numbers outta your @$$. -I am in the Army active duty and have been for 2+ years.

  8. These number are totally wrong. Especially the computer tech. A E-5 pay is E-5 pay and has nothing to do with what job he has. The only extra pay is hazardous duty pay or something similar.

    Please get your facts straight before posting information like this.

  9. I thought about joining military but they pay 23000 a year and as civilian medic I make double that

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