Military Service of Our Employees – Dallas Dean

Highlighting the Military Service of Our Employees – Dallas Dean


Dallas DeanOne of our beloved employees here at Low VA Rates is Dallas Dean: a colleague, friend, hard worker, and military veteran. Dallas is a good representation of what we pride ourselves on: a willingness to go the extra mile, and making sure to offer the best options for the veteran he is working with. In addition to his outstanding record of service here at Low VA Rates, Dallas also served honorably in the US Navy as a Boatswains Mate.


Dallas has always looked up to his grandfather who had fought in World War II on the crew of a submarine. Dallas remembers feeling proud of his heritage as he heard stories about his grandfather hunting U-boats with SONAR. However, Dallas wasn’t intending to join the military until he was older. At the same time he was dealing with financial stress, he saw a US Navy recruiting card in the mail. Remembering back to the stories of his grandfather, Dallas picked up the phone the next morning and signed up. Looking to the military as a solution to his financial problems and a way to pay homage to his grandfather at the same time, Dallas was eager and ready to join.


Dallas signed a 3-year active 5 inactive contract. He was stationed at a training command on the East coast and served there from 1994 to 1997. He describes his time there as follows:

Proud Navy Man

My main duties besides painting and ship maintenance were to train newcomers on line handling, anchoring, underway replenishment etc. I fulfilled my contract and received an honorable discharge. It was never my intention to be a lifer, although I did consider it, due to family obligations I decided not to re-up.


Choosing not to extend time in service in order to better fulfill his family obligations, Dallas was able to cash in on his Montgomery GI Bill benefits that he had paid into during his first year on active duty. Because of the Montgomery GI Bill, Dallas was able to earn two associates degrees in General Education and Chemistry. Dallas’ own experiences with the VA have been mostly positive, but he states that he would like to see Congress allocate more resources to the VA’s medical care and mental health care programs. Helping veterans like himself find suitable housing at better terms than they could get elsewhere is one of the things Dallas likes best about his job, and he looks fondly on his time spent in the military:


The thing that I miss the most about serving is the relationships between shipmates and other service members. There is a certain unique type of bond formed between people during service together. There was no question that we had each other’s backs and everyone knew it. That knowledge gave me a sense of security and an appreciation for friendship and comradery that is rarely equaled in the civilian world.


Dallas was proud of his grandfather’s service in the military, so when he was looking for a solution to the financial issues he was having, serving in the military was a way to honor his grandfather and solve his problems at the same time. After serving for three years, he used his GI Bill benefits to get an education and continue his career. Now, Dallas loves spending time with his family and enjoys his job helping out other veterans.


We want to give Dallas and all those who have served our country a special thank-you for your willingness to serve on our behalf. As you worked to improve our country, we hope that you were able to use your military service and your benefits to improve yourself and your own situation as well.

Thank You Veterans

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