Military Service of Our Employees- Billy Schuler

Highlighting the Military Service of Our Employees – Billy Schuler

Billy Schuler As a company that focuses on serving those that have served us, we take great pride in our employees that have served in the United States armed forces. One of these employees is Billy Schuler, a loan officer that does a fantastic job. Billy served in the Air Force for 10 years before deciding to come home and settle down. His service is greatly appreciated and we hope that we can do him justice in this article. Billy joined the Air Force in a large part because of his grandfather. His grandfather had served as a Pilot in the Army Air corp. Billy looked up to his grandfather and wanted to follow in his footsteps, so, when the time came, Billy joined up and began to serve his country. Over the course of 10 years, Billy rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant working with 2W071 Weapons Systems. He also traveled the world, spending time in Saudi Arabia, Guam, Germany, and Turkey. While traveling so much scratched an itch he had had for years, it also made him want to get back to a more stable home life and spend more quality time with his family.   Billy feels that his military service opened his eyes to the value of the freedom we often take for granted. He shared the following experience: USAF Staff Sergent In 2001, I was at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, and to see first-hand what the other side of the world lives like and what their lives entail was a real eye-opener to the freedom we have here in America. It made me appreciate home that much more.   His experiences serving his country provide much of his motivation for his choice to serve his fellow veterans as his career. As a veteran himself, he understands many of the challenges and difficulties that service members go through both while serving and after discharge. When asked what aspect of military service or veterans benefits is in need of reform the most, he responded, “There are a lot of wounded and mentally unstable veterans that need help. They deserve to have a financially stable life just like any other America but waiting for years for benefits to come in and get approved is not fair.”   Billy takes his job seriously and does his best to provide every veteran or active service member with the best loan options they can get. You can visit his biography page and contact him to work on your loan application here. Thanks for your service, Billy! Thank You for Your Service

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