Daniel Yancey

Low VA Rates Awards Service Member with Scholarship

Daniel Yancey is the recipient of the Winter 2017 Low VA Rates Scholarship amounting to $1,250 towards tuition and books.


January 19, 2017

Military Scholarship WinnerLindon, UT—Low VA Rates is excited to announce the winner of its Winter 2017 Low VA Rates Scholarship: Daniel Yancey. This semiannual scholarship amounts to $1,250 and is awarded each fall and winter semesters. Low VA Rates seeks to give back to the men and women who have sacrificed for our country through military service, so scholarship applications are open to service members (current and former) and spouses and children of service members.


In Daniel Yancey’s case, he didn’t apply. In fact, he didn’t know about the scholarship until well after the application was sent. Instead, Yancey was nominated by his mentor in the college continuum program at Madison who wanted to help him reach his full potential.


When speaking about the nomination from his mentor, Daniel said, “She’s taken a burden off my shoulders, and it was a blessing that she was there to look out for me. I try my best every day to better myself through learning, and this is one of the best things to happen to me this year.”


Daniel Yancey is a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves in Madison, WI. His journey through enlistment was not an easy one as, with dedication and a lot of hard work, Daniel lost 130 pounds before entering boot camp. He has now served for almost 2 years in the Marine Corps and plans to continue his service long after his 6-year contract is over. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree, he will pursue officer training to better serve his country. Daniel’s ongoing experience in the military has allowed him to become independent, dedicated to fitness, and committed to service. He says the most important thing he’s learned in the military is networking and reaching out when you have questions.


After some time in military service, Daniel is jumping back into the academic world to first become an EMT and then to earn his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Madison College. Since financial aid doesn’t cover the EMT program at Madison, this scholarship will help him complete the program. Although he has faced adversity in achieving his academic goals in the past, he is determined to pursue his passion of helping others and become a nurse. Congratulations Daniel!


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