Military Family Honored on Thanksgiving

The Chesney Family, the mother Brandie and two children Ella & Amelia.
The Chesney Family, the mother Brandie and two children Ella & Amelia.

(Layton, Utah, Nov. 30, 2009) – A local Utah military family received a free Thanksgiving dinner at Mimi’s Café on Thanksgiving Day courtesy of The Chesney family has endured various challenges in the past year and deserves Lady Luck to shine upon them.

The family was chosen after submitting a short essay stating why they deserved the free Thanksgiving feast. Tim Chesney, originally from Michigan, is currently deployed in Iraq and will not be able to spend Thanksgiving with his wife Brandie and two twin daughters, Ella and Amelia. “Deployments are hard,” Brandie Chesney said. “It’s always one-day longer that you have not seen your husband, but that also means that it’s one-day closer till you can see him again.”

The Chesney’s moved to Hill AFB in April and Tim was deployed to Iraq shortly after.  Tim is an Airman First Class working in Computer Operations in the 729th ACS Squadron.  He is expected to return home in March 2010, but his squadron currently deploys every other six months. “My family means more to me than anything in this world and I love them more than words could ever explain,” Tim said.  “It’s hard to be away from them during the holiday season.” Tim and Brandie were married in March of 2008 and shortly after Tim began basic training in Texas.

A few months later the couple was assigned to Hill AFB. Military life can provide a large amount of time away from family, but the Chesney’s understand that it’s a major part of enlisting in the military. “The hardest thing about him being gone is just the support he provides for our family,” Brandie said.  “It’s also hard seeing our daughters grow up and learn new things every day and know he can’t be there.” Brandie and her two daughters, fortunately, speak with their Dad through video conferencing on a regular basis.  Every night before Ella and Amelia go to bed, they both kiss a photo of their father and tell him they love him. This is the second consecutive Thanksgiving Tim and Brandie spend apart.  Last year Tim was in basic training the entire holiday season.

However, Brandie and the children still keep a very positive attitude and understand the nature of the military. “Two Thanksgivings in a row is definitely hard,” Brandie said. “But I also feel very honored to have a husband who is willing to be away from his family and home to be in Iraq where he is most needed.” This Thanksgiving Brandie and her two daughters will enjoy a free thanksgiving dinner at Mimi’s Café compliments of

Even though Tim will not be at the dinner, he is grateful his wife and daughters are being cared for. “I know it’s very hard for her taking care of our kids all by herself, especially over the holidays,” Tim Chesney said.  “It makes me feel so much better knowing that she’ll be able to have a nice meal on Thanksgiving.” The family enjoyed the free meal at the Layton Mimi’s Café on Thanksgiving Day.

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