Low VA Rates Contributes to Follow the Flag

Low VA Rates Low VA Rates / Published Jun 20, 2016, 10:47 AM

Celebrating the Fourth of July

The Stars and Stripes is significant for more than its designation as our country’s standard. To some it is a symbol of freedom. To others, it’s a banner of courage. Kyle Fox, a Pleasant Grove native, has created a new way to celebrate the flag on Independence Day.

A Free Independence Day Event for Utahns

Fox obtained a license to run a cable across Grove Creek Canyon in Pleasant Grove and hang a 30- by 60-foot flag. The week-long event is called “Follow the Flag.” On the Fourth of July, a day-long event is held to specifically honor the flag, and the day kicks off with a ceremony. With the firing of cannons and hundreds of people singing the national anthem, the flag is unfurled in an emotional display of pride for our country on its Interdependence Day.

Here is a full schedule of the events for that week:

Free Independence Day Event on the Fourth of July in Utah

Contributing to this Utah County Celebration

This year, Low VA Rates didn’t just want to stand by and watch. We wanted to contribute to this amazing program to show our love and respect for Old Glory. In order to do that, Low VA Rates is sponsoring the spotlight that will light the flag at night throughout the week that it hangs in the canyon.

In addition to the heartwarming flag ceremony, there will be other activities that week, including a 5K run through the canyon, and Boy Scouts who participate in the ceremony will receive a scouting patch called “Hope for Tomorrow.” Feel free to join Low VA Rates on Independence Day in Grove Creek Canyon for the flag ceremony and more fun activities to celebrate our nation's wonderful flag and everything it stands for.

How will you be celebrating Independence Day this year?