Loan Officer- VA Streamline Refinance

Here is the outline of this slide video presentation:

VA Fixed Rate Streamline Program Overview

This presentation will help families to better understand how VA streamline refinances work and the benefits they can expect by taking advantage of this program.

  • VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan (Streamline) Overview
  • Purpose
  • History
    • In 1980 the VA designed this program as a way of improving you current loan
    • Paying off old loan and replace it with a new loan that has a better interest rate and better terms
    • Civilians have been doing this for years
  • You don’t have to . . .
    • No full appraisal
    • No full credit report
    • No income verification
    • No asset verification
    • No employment verification
    • No inspections
  • VA Fixed Rate Loan
    • Very popular VA Loans
    • Number 1 most popular goal of the majority of families I speak with= lower monthly payment as much as possible
    • Lowest Interest Rate
    • Drop our sample veteran from 6.25% to as low as 4.5%
  • Fixed rate for the life of the loan
    • Interest rate will never change. Safe Stable and secure
    • The VA offers 30 year, 25 year, 20 year and 15 year terms
  • Sample Veteran
  • History of the 30 Year Fixed
  • Government Has Been Buying Rates Down
    • This Program Almost Over
  • Additional Cash Benefits
    • Miss two payments
    • Refund of escrow refund
  • At this point I get a lot of questions . . .
    • Is this legitimate?
    • What’s the catch?
    • Is this too good to be true?
    • You can verify at:
  • 3 Reasons Your Loan Might Go Up
    • Two missed payments
    • Escrow refund check
    • Closing costs
  • 4 Good Things About Closing Costs
    • No cash out of pocket. The VA allows them to be rolled into new loan
    • 100% tax deductible
    • They are optional: The VA allows you to take a higher interest rate to pay for the closing costs
  • The VA performs a test to ensure this loan will save you more interest than what it costs
  • Rates change every day
  • What Happens Next?
    We need to explore your actual numbers

    • Please give me a call 801-341-7028
    • Or email me at
    • Email you a VA Loan Application
    • You complete the paperwork and fax it back along with mortgage statement, homeowners insurance statement, mortgage note, copies of drivers license and social security number verification (takes most families about 20 minutes)
    • When we receive paperwork your VA Processors prepare your file for closing
    • After the underwriters review and give us the clear to close we will have an authorized representative come to your home within the next four weeks to help you to endorse the final closing paperwork and finalize the new loan
  • Please let me know how I can help

2 thoughts on “Loan Officer- VA Streamline Refinance

  1. I have an adj rate mortgage at 2.5 ,lock in until 2016,I want to go to a streamline refiance ,but I want to go 27 years ,that is what I have left on my current mortgage.Can I go 27 or 25 years.

  2. Give us a call. Very few loan companies will do an Arm loan for you and start your term off less than 30 yrs. We however, can do this! Would you like us to email you?

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