The History of American Wars (Infographic)

Veterans Day is a day dedicated to remembering those who have sacrificed so much on behalf of our great country, a day set aside to remember those who have fought for our freedoms, and a day to say thank you for just that. America has faced many wars, lost many soldiers, and seen the wounded return home. We hope this infographic below helps you remember our Veterans this day and vow to help one of them smile.

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The History of American Wars - Veterans Day Infographi
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10 thoughts on “The History of American Wars (Infographic)

  1. Typo on the Mexican war, it says the Colonists fought Great Britain again. 🙂

    Another data point that would be hard to quantify would be the impact on American freedom or what we’d lose if we lost the war versus what we gave up to fight the war.

  2. Thank you for this infographic. It is very eye-opening. One way we can celebrate the great sacrifices of soldiers is to listen to their stories of bravery and hardship that earned our freedom in this country. So many of the WWII soldiers have already passed away, and we must record what we can before they are all gone. We are gathering these stories, free of charge, for a future blog post on our site, and we even have professional writers who can interview someone who wants to tell their story and write it for future generations.

  3. In my opinion there were only 2 Just Wars in American history. Our Civil War and WW2. The others came about from either avarice, ignorance, fear, and always misguided politics.

  4. the number of deaths in the American Civil War does not make it clear if you are referring to all Americans (both Union and Confederacy) or just Union. Also the World War 2 section only refers to US vs. Nazi Germany and does not mention the war with Japan at all. Huge omissions!

  5. It’s impossible to estimate the emotional and potential losses of war because no one knows what would have happened if people reasoned out agreements. But thank you for the analysis of facts. What would 4 billion Civil War dollars be equivalent to today’s currency?

  6. Typo on Mexican War, there was also more Americans killed in both sides during Civil War. USA also fought against Japan in WW2.

  7. The list missed the Philippine-American war.. it was after the treaty of Paris with Spain. U.S. against the 1st Philippine Republic.

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