How to Avoid Foreclosure

Home Loans in the Recession

In a recession and a fallen housing market homes are not worth what many homeowners originally purchased them for. The recession and lack of jobs only hinder the market even further. If things have gotten beyond tight you may be worried about foreclosure. Here are some ways to help you avoid the unfortunate process of losing your home to a foreclosure.

The Making Affordable Home Program (MAH) was created by President Obama to help stabilize the housing industry and to help homeowners avoid foreclosure This is done by helping them utilize programs that will allow them to avoid foreclosure, lower their monthly payments to what the homeowners can afford, and providing resources for unemployed homeowners.

Acting Before You Get Too Far Behind

Don’t wait until you are several payments behind on your home loan. Understand and accept your situation and realize that you aren’t alone in this process. Meet with your loan provider and discuss options you have like refinancing or modifying your current home loan to allow for lower monthly payments.

If you don’t desire to keep your home a foreclosure sale is not your only option. In the current market, your home may not be worth what you originally purchased it for and selling may not cover the entire loan. Discuss with your loan provider ways you can sell your home and still pay off the loan. Consider a short sale. A short sale is when a loan provider agrees on a lower amount for the sale of the home than what is owed.

If you are a homeowner and have become recently unemployed, are paying more in medical bills, or have other financial obligations that have come up and are worried about your home going into foreclosure know that there are other options for you to explore.


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