How the Government Shutdown is Affecting Veterans

Government Shutdowns Do More Than Give Politicians a Vacation


Government shutdowns don’t happen often, but they can affect the lives of millions of people when they do. In 2013, the government closed down because of conflict regarding the appropriation of funds for the fiscal year of 2014. Essentially, an agreement couldn’t be reached regarding the budget. When this happens, veterans are directly affected. Fortunately, some vital services continue to function.


What Continues to Operate Regarding Veterans?


Sustainable functions such as payments will continue for a short amount of time. Those that have money coming to them should have nothing to worry about. That is, unless the government still cannot reach an agreement. Veteran medical facilities will also continue to operate, giving aid to those in need.


For vets honored with interment in National Cemeteries, this will continue as well. Fears of having to make other burial arrangements can subside.


What Will Cease to Function During a Shutdown?


Although some of the more pressing services remain operational, other needs for veterans will be shut down. Job hiring will cease for veteran job applicants, and there may be furloughs for those employed if the government remains closed. Those that need assistance will no longer be able to use call centers or hotline phone numbers. Monuments that honor military veterans will be closed as well, making it difficult for civilians to honor those that have served.


Most politicians have the money to sustain themselves during a government shutdown. Unfortunately, many veterans do not and can have their way of life threatened by these situations. While payments and medical needs can still be attended to, the loss of income and information provided by hotlines could be some of the most detrimental. Fortunately, most shutdowns do not last long as there is too much at stake for Congress to not show up for work.

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How the Government Shutdown is Affecting Veterans by Low VA Rates
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