Highlighting the Military Service of Our Employees – Carol Franklin


Highlighting the Military Service of Our Employees – Carol Franklin


Thank you veteransCarol is one of our great loan processors at Low VA Rates. She is also an Air Force veteran. While it has been some time since she served in the military, she still remembers it well and looks back on it as a growing experience that helped her become the person she is today. Carol is the type of person that gets things done, and done right. When we asked her for some information on her military service to write this post, she didn’t just answer the questions, she took the time to write almost an entire blog post’s worth of information. She’s a thorough, detailed person who doesn’t let anything get past her. She did such a great job that most of the rest of this blog post will be directly from her:


“My name is Carol A Franklin.  I served in the US Air Force for almost 3 years.

US Air Force

I was an Accounting and Finance Specialist:  I did the “intake” of incoming personnel by ensuring all paperwork was filled out correctly when they handed over their pay records to me that they would get paid in a timely manner without any bumps or hiccups.  I took care of all financial needs that the military personnel would have such as advances, marriage, new additions to the family, anything that had to do with the persons pay.  I did the processing of all personnel transferring out and releasing pay records with instructions going to their next duty station.


For my “War Skills”, I was Security Police:  I pulled duty at both the main gate and back gate to the base.  I also pulled duty as a co-rider that secured all perimeters of the base.


I was stationed at Blytheville Air Force Base which was (it closed in 1992) Strategic-Air-Command (SAC) base.  Home of the 97th Bomb Wing – B52’s bombers.


I always wanted to serve my country.  I wanted to make a difference.  I wished I had joined earlier in my life, however; that was not the case.  I was married and had a young child and my husband encouraged me to do what I always wanted to do so I enlisted and went to the AFEs for my physical.  That is when I was told I might be pregnant! What?  That prolonged my enlisting by a couple of years.  So there I was with a husband and two young children when I enlisted.  I did it though!


I have several “stories” / experiences that are memorable, however, I believe the best for me was the moment I went to Basic Training I was part of the experimental Brother / Sister Flight!  Yes, it was the first and was the last that the military put the men and women up against each other in training.  This was in the late 70’s so maybe things have changed (again) since then because it is always ever changing.  Hey, if you are going to be part of anything, let it be the first time!  The overall was an experience that was just for me.  It helped me become the person I am today and I am proud of that.  I believe I am an inspiration to the youngsters that are coming up today.   However, I don’t think my personal military experience can top the phone call I received a couple of years ago from a niece and asked “Aunt Carol, do you think going into the military would be a good thing for me?  Was it good for you? What did you get out of it?  Do you think I could do it?”  She is now in the USMC and loving life!


Again, I wanted to make a difference and I want to continue to make a difference in our world, no matter how big or how small.  So as I go forward, I hope, in my mind, that by being a part of this company I am doing just that…making a difference in a field that needs the most reformed.  Investing in the veteran’s future, their life, their home, their family is the best way I can think of in saying “Thank you for your service.””

Thank you for serving us

Thank you for your service, Carol, and thank you for working so hard at serving your fellow veterans. You make so much more possible just by doing your best and being passionate about your work.


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