Gun Control – YEA or NEA, Arguments From Both Sides

As I’m sure you are aware, President Obama is proposing stiffer gun control laws that could lead to additional restrictions on gun and magazine purchases here in the USA. This is leading to a heated debate in the media and often among friends, family members, and Facebookers. We decided to create an infographic that presented what we feel are both sides of the arguments either for or against gun control. Let us know what your opinion is on the matter by sharing in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.

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Gun Control - YEA or NEA, Arguments From Both Sides by Low VA Rates
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2 thoughts on “Gun Control – YEA or NEA, Arguments From Both Sides

  1. Just wanted to point out that in nearly every single mass shooting since at least the ’99 Columbine shooting, the murderers were either on or suffering from withdraw from one form of anti-depressant or another. I find it disturbing that A. we are willing to attempt to punish the large mass of lawful gun owners for the acts of a few disturbed individuals; and b. there has not been one single discussion concerning the detrimental effects of these drugs on the human body, never mind that every damn pharmaceutical ad on tv lists the horrible things that can (and probably will) happen to you.

  2. An AR15 is not an M-16. While you are correct that a civilian can purchase an m-16 it is a completely different and remarkably cost prohibitive process. A fully functional m-16 costs upwards of $20,000, there is an intensive background check which by law can take up to six months (average time before approval is 2.5 months right now), and the weapon is registered with the federal government. Any m-16 that a civilian is allowed to purchase must also have ben manufactured before 1984… no new weapons. The AR-15 on the other hand, which is not a machine gun, not a sub-machine gun, not an automatic weapon in any way, and redundantly fires ONE round for each pull of the trigger is widely available. However, even given an unlimited supply of ammunition, very few shooters could even hope to achieve more than 100 rounds a minute. While the gun show loophole is an attractive title, only private sellers at gun show are exempt from background checks. 99% of guns sold at gun shows are sold by licensed dealers who are required to perform a background check. 2 of your pro gun control “points” are just the gun grabbers whining and not even legitimate arguments. There may be 278 self defense homicides a year, but the most recent data shows that guns are used to deter criminals, either by merely brandishing them, wounding, or killing a criminal 2.5 million times a year.

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