Great Veteran Employers

Having military experience works to your benefit when looking for a job after your career in the military ends.  In addition to the job skills provided by your time in the military, many employers appreciate the discipline and values possessed by veterans. While most companies will appreciate military experience, some companies go the extra mile in helping military members transition to civilian life and providing them with lucrative career opportunities.

One of the greatest benefits to veterans is American Corporate Partners.  American Corporate Partners works to help military members transition to life. The companies that partner with this organization give preference to job candidates with military experience and also provide one-on-one mentoring opportunities to help military members as they advance in their new careers. Some of the companies that work with American Corporate Partners include:  HP, Boeing, Pepsi, Siemens, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase, and Johnson & Johnson.

In addition to the companies who work with American Corporate Partners, many other companies are known for the benefits and preference they give to employees with military experience. Many of these companies, such as defense companies, have jobs with descriptions that rely specifically on the experience gained during a veteran’s military service.

Some defense companies, such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. offers consulting services related to defense and intelligence. Military members are given help transitioning to civilian life through a special Armed Forces forum.  The URS works to develop weapons systems, military equipment and other defense technology. Because the focus is on developing products for military use, the company relies on veterans to give input and play a critical role in the development process.

Transportation companies like CSX Corporation boasts that approximately 25 percent of its employees are military veterans. Veterans employed by this railroad company receive special pay based on military experience. CSX has been named as one of the top military employers by organizations such as the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars

BNSF Railway Co. has developed a special military staffing program and heavily recruits employees with military experience. Members of the National Guard and Reserves are provided with additional opportunities to make up the time and wages they lost while away from the job for basic training.

There are a few insurance and financial companies that aim to hire veterans as well.  In addition to providing banking and insurance services for military families, USAA is friendly to employees with military experience.  In fact, veterans and their spouses are given preference over other job candidates.

Aon Corp. focuses a portion of its recruiting programs specifically on veterans.  It also offers a hiring program for military spouses.

Merck & Co., a pharmaceuticals company, offers competitive pay for veterans, continuing base salary for six months after being discharged from the military to help veterans adjust. National Guard members and Reservist retain full benefits from the company while deployed.

Johnson Controls, which works to develop systems and equipment for the building and automotive industries, offers a variety of programs for veterans. It also has policies in place to ensure job security of members of the Reserves or National Guard.

Many other companies are now starting to realize that the unemployment rate for our veterans is high, and are making plans to hire more veterans.  The most recent company to jump on hiring veterans is Microsoft Corp.  On Monday, they announced a new program to provide software development training and testing to U.S. active duty service members transitioning out of the military.  The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy aims to offer America’s veterans the opportunity for new careers in the growing technology field.

The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy consists of a 16-week course to prepare U.S. service members to obtain the certification required for technology careers such as a developer, applications engineer and IT project manager.

“American service members possess the drive, self-discipline and problem-solving skills that are essential for the technology industry,” said Microsoft Executive Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith. “The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy is a bridge between one great career – serving in the U.S. military – and another, creating technologies that improve lives.”

The program is run on the base, allowing active-duty service members to easily receive training during the final stage of their military service. In December, the first group of 22 participants will complete the program.

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